Culinary tourism: A taste of Thai’s food

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A lot has been written and documented about the Thai cuisine, and it`s for a good reason. Thailand has one of the best cuisines worldwide. The mastery of making delectable dishes is simply astounding. Besides being natural, fresh and spicy, Thai cuisine is known for its complex interplay of the five fundamental taste; sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy.

Unlike other western dishes, the Thai cuisine is a clever combination of the Eastern and Western traditions harmoniously integrated to provide a scrumptious dish. Moreover, the Thai cuisine has rejected the culinary rule of simplicity; most of the dishes involves playing with tons of different elements to create a mouthwatering Thailand gastronomy.

Most of the Thai dish ingredients constitutes a lot of herbs, plants, and aquatic animals. Also, a lot of junk meat is always avoided, but rather strips of meat are flavored with herbs and spices, or cooked then shredded are the favored choice, thanks to the strict Buddhist culture.

Discovering the national cuisine is the highlight of any culinary tourism. Below, we have compiled a list of the must-go places and other culinary experiences to undertake while in Thailand.

Thailand Culinary Tour-Itinerary

  • Attend a Cooking Class

Culinary tourism is on the rage in Thailand. A good way of spending half a day or longer is by enrolling in one of the many culinary classes in Thailand. Most of the cooking classes are conducted by English-speaking Thais. The classes are fun-filled, professional, authentic, and fully air conditioned. The hands-on classes will provide you with a chance to have some fundamental knowledge on the basics of Thai cuisine preparation.

  • Explore the benefits of a resort

Thailand has some of the most luxurious resorts and first-rate hotels in the world. You can maximize your stay on any of these resorts by ordering the not so obvious dishes that you often have back home. For example, in Villa Sanyanga, the resort provides a personal chef for visitors. You can request the chef to prepare a customized dish for you, and he`ll be happy to do so.

  • Explore the cultural diversity through food

The culinary difference is one way that explains cultural differences. If the cultural identity is expressed through food, then it`s through food that culinary tourists can spot and explore the difference between the different Thai communities.

Unlike difference in language, rituals or other cultural processes, food is accessible, thus giving one the first-hand experience to spot the difference between cultures in Thailand.

  • Floating Markets

Waterways play an important role in Thai culture. This is the best way to explore Thailand; the train markets allow you to have a wow moment and taste the fresh, tasty, local delicacies from the community.

  • Explore the street markets

Thailand is littered with street vendors selling tasty Thailand cuisines. For an authentic culinary experience, why not visit tataats or Thailand’s traditional markets. Here you find families huddled into small groups happily chanting as they gobble up the spicy dishes. And if you`re not sure of how to order, just point at the other guy`s plate.

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