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The Blog Dare April 2017 Social Media/Writing Prompts

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    After a hiatus, The Blog Dare is back and we’re beginning to import all prompts from our previous site. Thank you for your patience in this process.

    What is The Blog Dare? The Blog Dare is a series of prompts to help as you travel through writing and creative adventures in social media.


    April 1, 2017 – Saturday

    It’s just more hazardous

    April 2, 2017 – Sunday

    Because they were learning…

    April 3, 2017 – Monday

    5 DIYs for your…

    April 4, 2017 – Tuesday

    How to serve…

    April 5, 2017 – Wednesday

    Starting a…

    April 6, 2017 – Thursday

    It was true, whether I wanted to believe it or not…

    April 7, 2017 – Friday

    And they were back. Right there in front of me…

    April 8, 2017 – Saturday

    5 Easy Breakfast Options

    April 9, 2017 – Sunday

    I wanted all of it to just…

    April 10, 2017 – Monday

    S/He told me daily….

    April 11, 2017 – Tuesday

    It’s really what built me back up…

    April 12, 2017 – Wednesday

    How to deal with…

    April 13, 2017 – Thursday

    It was so frigid…

    April 14, 2017 – Friday

    After a tense few hours…

    April 15, 2017 – Saturday

    Now, two years later…

    April 16, 2017 – Sunday

    The situation feels very familiar.

    April 17, 2017 – Monday

    I’m going to remove myself from the situation…

    April 18, 2017 – Tuesday

    Assuming it was temporary…

    April 19, 2017 – Wednesday

    I discovered something curious…

    April 20, 2017 – Thursday

    He never intended to go…

    April 21, 2017 – Friday

    Planning the perfect…

    April 22, 2017 – Saturday

    It was all she had left…

    April 23, 2017 – Sunday

    We discovered that it…

    April 24, 2017 – Monday

    I had hoped that it would change.

    April 25, 2017 – Tuesday

    I chose to go somewhere else.

    April 26, 2017 – Wednesday

    It was such an unusual circumstance.

    April 27, 2017 – Thursday

    We viewed it as….

    April 28, 2017 – Friday

    In other words, she didn’t approve of…

    April 29, 2017 – Saturday

    Three months had gone by…

    April 30, 2017 – Saturday

    April favorites. (Makeup, Product, Service, Food)

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    Remember to add affiliate links where applicable throughout your articles!

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  • Throwback Thursday to when we introduced our social media stalkers to Miramar Beach and Tops'l! 
Check it out here ➡️ 
#travels #stalkus  #stalkers #stalked 
#stalkersgonnastalk #familytravel #family #vacation #familytrip #trip 
@wyndhamvacationrentals @resortquestnwfl #TBThursday #TBT #travel #traveling #florida #miramarbeach #beachplease #beach #sand #swim #sun
  • My daughter has been gathering toys to donate... and I found Jessie in the pile of toys to giveaway. 
I’m having a hard enough time as it is without abandoning Jessie! I feel that she’s already gone through enough! 🙃 I mean, she even put her initials on Jessie’s boots!!! Should I sneak her back into the keep-pile?

#momlife #momproblems #mom #moms #toys #toystory #disney #kidsgrowup
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Check out our visit to Buffalo Wings & Rings!  @BWRkm #soyum! #foodlife 😋

#travel #food #foodie #lifestyleblogger #restaurants #wings #buffalowings #wingsandrings #ohio #kingsmills #allthefoods #eat #eating #eatingguide
  • Throwback to our visit at Conner Prairie!

Such a fun place.  Taking an afternoon to step back in time and walk through history. 
Have you been there?  What's your favorite part?  Mine is always checking out the ways in which food was prepared.

#travel #history #indiana #museum #livingmuseum #connerprairie #travelindiana #indianapolis #familytravel #learn #education @connerprairie
  • Enjoying some food truck goodness and treats at @kingsislandpr!! #travel #ohio #food #burgers #foodie #cheesecake #pizza #bbq #familytravel
  • Cube Tracker - Find Your Lost Keys or Phone! (REVIEW)


To be completely upfront, I had hoped that this Cube Tracker would do more than what it is really designed to do. So it’s completely my fault that I was a little disappointed – initially.
What is the Cube Tracker?

The Cube Tracker is a small Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use-app that helps you find everyday items quickly. This means that it can help you to quickly, and easily locate misplaced keys, or phones – or any other everyday item that it can be attached to.

My hope was that I could attach it to a backpack or other bag that I would be using during travel – and locate it should it become lost or stolen. I wanted it to be able to be traceable for miles.

But that isn’t what this particular device is designed to do. It helps to locate items within a smaller range. Say, when your phone slides down the cushions of the couch or when your keys are under the hand towel in the kitchen. Or, for me, when your keys are buried at the bottom of your giant purse. You could even opt to attach it to other items such as your pricey camera!

The only downside is that you’ll need to be within a close distance to the item in order to find it when it becomes lost. Think a typical bluetooth range. HOWEVER, there’s a fun community-type option that is built into the Cube Tracker. One of the most interesting features is the Crowd Find function. Mark a Cube as lost and every phone on the Cube network will be looking for your lost item and will send you a private message if your Cube is located.

Another fun and unexpected aspect is the selfie option. Select a CUBE from the list on your phone. Press the option to open up the camera, and then press the button on your CUBE to take a selfie.

#blog #review #tech #techapp #lostandfound #lost #find #yourstuff
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