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It’s finally that time of year where we see leaves changing, pumpkins adorning our front steps and ghostly beings creeping out of the shadows! Perhaps the last part only happens at Kings Island amusement park in Mason, Ohio.

Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt has begun and if you enjoy all things creepy – that is the place to be! As the sun goes down on Friday and Saturday nights this fall – a haunting atmosphere begins to take over the park. This is one of our favorite events at Kings Island. Even though we don’t typically seek out haunted houses or spooky settings – this is a fun place to enjoy a bit of a fright. If you’re not into creepy, spooky, gory things – you may want to stick to the cute fall events Kings Island offers during the daylight. You can check those out here!

Halloween Haunt offers 11 haunted mazes where you’ll find a wide range of scary thrills – from things that creep and crawl to utter darkness. We recommend this year’s new maze, Blackout. It’s a simple yet terrifying journey in darkness. The mazes are popular and it can be a bit of a wait – so if you’re wanting to ensure having the chance to venture through all of them, you’ll want to consider purchasing a Fright Lane with Skeleton Key. This is the Haunt version of a Fast Pass and allows you to enter the mazes at a faster pace.

The Skeleton Key, oh the Skeleton Key! You haven’t really passed through these mazes until you’ve experience the secret rooms that several of the mazes possess. Do not pass up the chance to view the Secret Room at Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror!

If you’re not into being frightened but would like to enjoy an evening at Kings Island and walk through the eerie fog that encompasses the park – you can purchase a No Boo necklace to let the monsters, ghosts and goblins know not to scare you and that you’re just enjoying the scenery and perhaps a few rides.

Keep in mind that during Halloween Haunt, Planet Snoopy’s atmosphere and look is changed a bit and the children’s rides do not operate. Most of the larger rides are open during Halloween Haunt. We recommend a ride on the Beast once the sun has completely set!

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  1. Brenda @ EssayKitchen 2 years ago

    Wow! Scary! Great pic and post! Do you mind if I share it on my site as well?

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