Ideas for Water Conservation at Home

Being environmentally aware is not a new idea but it is becoming a much more mainstream lifestyle as we all learn more about the trouble our planet is in. Not only is it bad for the environment to waste resources, your water bill may be higher than you’d like. Why not try some conservation? You don’t need to be a plumbing detective to find some places around the house where you can conserve a little water.

Go Low Flow

In this case, we’re talking about shower heads. The shower can be one of the biggest water wasters in the house, with many gallons going down the drain each time someone uses it. Most standard shower heads put out a lot more water than you really need for a good shower, so why not cut that usage down right at the source.

Contrary to what many people think, a good low-flow shower head doesn’t result in a weak or low-pressure shower. Even though you can cut the water flow by half, you’ll hardly notice any difference in your shower experience.

It’s an easy enough job to replace an existing fixture, even if you aren’t that big into DIY projects. You should be able to do it without any professional help.

Keep Your Loads Full

When it comes to large water-using appliances like the washing machine or the dishwasher, you want to ensure that you are making the most of each load. Try to fill each machine as much as possible before you run it. Today’s modern appliances do have varying levels (small load, half load, economy) that can help with this but you should still pay attention to your settings.

Don’t Let Water Run

Now, here we’re talking about all those little times when you let the water simply run before you need it. Like to run water to get it chilly before a drink? Keep a jug of water in the fridge instead. You also should get in the habit of turning off the flow when you are brushing your teeth. There can be gallons saved every day just from this tiny change.

Try a Double Flush

This is one tip that will require a little more investment. Replace your standard toilet with a dual-flush model to give you and your family a little more control over how much water is used. Models vary, but the general idea is that modern toilets can allow you to choose either a light flush or a full-flow flush (depending on the needs of the moment). By using the lighter flush as often as possible, you’ll save a lot of water

There are also single flush models that claim to be low-flow but people generally prefer the option of using a full flush at times when you really need it. A dual-flush is the best of both worlds. Unless you are pretty handy with plumbing, expect to hire a professional for this installation.

Fix the Drip

Lastly, take a little time and fix any dripping faucets (either inside or out). Make no mistake, even a tiny drip adds up to wasted water. Just fixing a single leak can save you hundreds of gallons each year. Isn’t that worth a half hour of plumbing “work” and a new rubber washer?



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