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  • After my father passed away my mother needed to transfer the household utilities accounts into her name.

    Some service providers made it easy and changed things over for her while she was on the phone. Some

  • It is an unfortunate reality that there is some conflict in our home now and then. It might be a meltdown from anxiety, sensory overload, or perseverative thinking.
    Those are the conflicts that Autism Dad

  • The other evening the Navigator wanted to go outside and look at the stars. It wasn’t too cold so he and I stood out on the deck, spotting Orion and other constellations.
    “That light on the other side of the hil

  • Dear Costco,
    When we first met, I have to admit I was entranced. You offered so much and so many things, mostly at a discount, in astonishing sizes.
    I could get 12 giant rolls of paper towel at one

  • In the few weeks since my father died, I have been thinking a lot about the gifts that came with his passing. There has been great sadness, but there also have been great blessings. I want to share them because

  • Our Autism journey started in 2012 when the Navigator was diagnosed. At first there was a mad scramble to learn as much as we could – a steep learning curve, both learning about the therapies the school p

  • I am pleased to welcome Hilary Smith as a guest on Autism Mom. She offers eight tips for protecting children online which are easy to implement and can help foster positive conversations with children about

  • Disney Magic Bands fail

    I was in the grocery store reaching for a package of fresh linguine, whispering under my breath “Please. Please. Please. Please.” It was a prayer that the fresh pasta I needed to buy

  • Hoping my son’s friendships don’t have tricky rules
    Last week I read a post called “I Got Dumped by One of My Best Friends.” The post caught my attention because my mother had recently made up with a close friend

  • Because stuff happens

    We have been in and out of the veterinarian’s office with our dog multiple times over the last several weeks. First there was the stitching up of the cuts she got trying to leap over a d

  • I definitely will not agree with someone if, when I don’t immediately buy-in, I get “the face”

    I recently took my car in for an oil change, going to the place I usually go for oil changes and, as usually happen

  • Or maybe this should be called “when to give advice to me.”
    Shortly after we adopted our dog Annise, a man came up to me outside of my son’s school. I was watching my son walk in the doors of the school before

  • My husband was very encouraging when I started my 30-day elimination diet in February. He gamely ate the dairy-grain-legume-sugar-soy-free meals I prepared for dinner each night for a month.
    He was supportive

  • Guest posting some Autism awareness on the blog Coach Daddy

    Elizabeth eats veggie burgers – but we don’t hold it against her around here.

    She writes the blog Autism Mom, where she shares “Autism ideas,

  • My son’s Autism is not responsible for others’ bad behavior

    Since first grade, a key component of the special education services the Navigator has received through his school has been teaching him

  • A fun movie for tweens and teens though it may be too scary for younger kids

    We took the Navigator and a few of his good friends to see the movie Goosebumps this weekend. The movie is based on a book ser

  • Working from home makes it easier to care for my son

    Soon after the Navigator’s Autism diagnosis I left a full-time job to become a work-at-home mom.

    My job required a great deal of travel and while Aut

  • Things a child with Autism should not overhear

    I somehow developed an inflammation of the nerves in my right shoulder and neck area. It had bothered me for a few days, maybe a little over a week.
    I thought

  • Not telling him his grades at school
    The Navigator’s school workload has been ramped up this year and we are very proud of him that he is getting it all done.In the past we included in his IEP accommodations th

  • Managing life’s expected and unexpected 20 minutes at a time

    Annise, our dog, spent the weekend at the veterinarian. It started Thursday morning when she was out for a run with my husband.

    She went

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