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  • Let me start off by saying that I have always been terrible at sticking to our household budget.  We write it down, we get gung-ho and ready to go, and then about two weeks later we end up messing the whole thing

  • Every waking minute of this week I have heard about this thing called Shopkins.  Up until a few weeks ago I was blissfully ignorant of what these weird little plastic creatures are.    If you too are like me and

    • My autistic little brother in law is or was OBSESSED with Shopkins! I didn’t know what they were until we moved in with my mother in law and let me tell you there’s a ton of them and this summer you had to go all over gods green earth to find them because people would literally be waiting outside of the toys r us or walmart the day the shipment trucks came in and they would be gone in hours! They also have rares and ultra rares which make them even more alluring to kids! They are cute and keep him entertained more than most things but at the same time they are an expensive thing for him to collect and most of the time you end up with duplicates trying to get one you don’t have! I have noticed that the “season 3” release has been on the shelf more often so I am assuming the craze is finally dying down! I blame kids unboxing videos on youtube for this expensive weird collectible from australia!

  • Have you ever noticed that there are many different competing personalities in the infamous and often dysfunctional school car line?  I would be willing to bet that it is the same at any school not just with my

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