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    • Sheila Wright 3 months, 1 week ago

      $10 Share the Love Starter Kit

      JULY 11 – AUGUST 6 … This summer, Avon is making it easy to join the fun with a new Starter Kit for just $10!
      Join Avon for just $10 with our limited-time $10 Share the Love Starter Kit (a $71 value!) that includes:

      • 2 Best of Beauty Sampler Packs
      • 10 Lipstick Bullets
      • 5 Anew Samples
      • 5 Skin So Soft Samples
      • 10 Brochures
      • 1 Free 24/7 Online Store

      I wanted to share this AWESOME opportunity with you that Avon is providing.
      This would be a great time to start your Avon Business:

      WHY SELL AVON ???
      4th Quarter is coming up, it’s the biggest and busiest time of the year for Avon Sales.
      Opportunity to earn 40% on all sales.
      Opportunity to earn trip vacations destinations ie: Maui in 2019.
      Tuition scholarships opportunities available if you, your kids or grand kids that are attending school or thinking about attending school.
      Access to health, dental, vision insurance plans.
      Discounts on voice, data, WiFi service for all digital services.
      All of this and so much more.
      You can sign up at: sheilaw.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start OR http://www.startavon.com ; Reference Code: sheilaw


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