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I’m all for trying different hair care products. I’ll try everything from intense treatments and daily conditioners to clarifying shampoos – even though that last one terrifies me just a bit. I’ve spent many years taking my dark blonde locks down to anywhere from a light, beige blonde to a bright platinum. So, my hair has been through it all. But sometimes you just need to really strip the hair in order to properly clean and condition.

I also have a bit of a sensory aversion to touching wet hair. I quickly shampoo, then leave a conditioner on my hair for the remainder of my shower. As soon as I’m out of the shower, I apply a leave-in oil and spray a leave-in conditioner all over my head to mask the natural feel of wet hair. I absolutely can not stand that feeling – so I then blow-dry my hair to quickly banish all of the water. Between the blonde and the heat – my hair goes through a lot.

So, I opted to try MONAT when the opportunity came around. Now, I only received enough to try MONAT for two weeks, using it 2 – 3 times per week. So you’ll need to keep in mind that my review is based on a time frame that is much shorter than the MONAT recommended time of 90 days.

What I Tried

  • Revive Shampoo
  • Revitalize Conditioner
  • Refinish Control Hairspray


Having over-processed hair, I can quickly judge whether or not I’ll continue to use a shampoo. Within a matter of seconds, I’ll know if I want to even continue lathering my hair or toss it out completely. If it’s extremely rough, it gets pitched immediately. I used the MONAT Revive Shampoo and each time I could tell that it wasn’t like the moisture rich shampoo I am used to buying. I could tell that it was deeply cleaning my hair, but it wasn’t overly drying the strands. It seemed to give it a nice “stripping” without roughing it up.

The Revitalize Conditioner was also not as heavy as my typical conditioner. Which, is nice. I don’t necessarily want my hair weighted down. My hair is thick and I do tend to put a lot of product on it to counteract the damage that I do.

As I rinsed my hair, I felt that my strands had a more rough touch than normal – but again – I usually have a very heavy conditioner on my hair. With my sensitivity to touching wet hair, it didn’t feel any rougher than wet hair feels to me in general. So, my sensitivity and aversion to wet hair should be taken into account.

I completed my hair care routine with my usual oils and leave-in spray conditioners. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t handle touching my hair without those products. Perhaps I should have also tried a leave-in conditioner from MONAT but this is the routine I need in order to even be able to touch my hair to comb it and dry it.

My end result was hair that felt smooth, touchable and was not frizzy – even though it was mid-winter when I tend to have more frizz.  I continue with my leave-in conditioners and had no problem switching to and from MONAT as I started the experiment and then as I ran out.


For me, MONAT goes above the price-point that I will spend on my typical, everyday hair care. On occasion, I do go above my usual price range and purchase products for intense healing. Spending decades lightening my hair and putting it through heat every time that it is washed has taken a toll.

To get a lower price you could opt to join the MONAT company as a network marketer and receive your first group of products at 40% off then later receive 30% off – and have the opportunity to create your own business opportunity by selling MONAT.


Though I only tried MONAT for a brief period of time, which is in contrast to their recommended use of 90 days, I did like it. Again, I don’t often spend at that price point for hair care products even though I am willing to do so from time to time when I’m wanting deep conditioning. I’m sure I’ll try their deep conditioners at a later point and will update my thoughts then.

I know there are a lot of differing views that have floated around regarding MONAT, but I’ve also found that to be typical of any hair care product. We are all so different in our needs and hair care. My daughter and I are in complete contrast into how we can take care of our hair. So, just within one home – there is a wide variety of views and the best products.

Remember that you can get a large discount on MONAT by joining them as a marketer. If you enjoy affiliate and commission based opportunities, this may be something for you to look into.

Have you used MONAT? What do you think?

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