Alieving Anxiety with Your Android: Modern Stress Management Tools at Your Fingertips

Stress and anxiety can be extremely debilitating, and can even put you out of work if you’re not careful. All sorts of regular occurrences like medical check-ups, car problems and dealing with difficult people can cause stress, and if you bottle it up, you never know when or how it’s going to come out. Relieve stress and boost your mental health with just a tap with these great free android apps.


Mindfulness is great for stress relief and there are plenty of meditation, calming sound and breathing apps available. The Headspace app introduces you to the practice with simple guided meditation and more advanced lessons in its paid version. Calming sounds can be found either in apps like Relax Melodies or in high-quality multi-hour videos on YouTube. Have a listen around and see which one works best for you. Some people prefer rainforests and ocean waves, while others like the sounds of quite coffee shops or isotonic tones. Hypnosis apps and self-hypnosis tools –such as the Anxiety Free Hypnosis app – can help focus and thereby calm your mind. Breathing techniques help you lower your stress levels, and you can find instruction audio and visuals with apps like Breath2Relax or on YouTube. You can even find simple Cognitive Behavioural Therapy –  to undo negative thought patterns – with Pacifica.

Games and Creative Apps

Games can be useful stress reducers, but they can be pretty addictive so be warned. You can build your own city with SimCity BuildIt or simply pop bubbles with Antistress Bubble Wrap. Sketching can be a nice way to let out stress with apps like ArtFlow. Color in with the Coloring Book for Me & Mandala app. Making lists in your notes can be destressing for some people. Challenge yourself to write down your top ten favorite albums, or countries you’d like to visit.

More Apps To Relax

Everything is on the internet. Anti-stress quotes, e-books on dealing with stress, apps for more serious conditions like PTSD, and stress relief games to mention only a few. If you already have some special way of relaxing you should check if there’s an app for it, you may be surprised. The T2 Mood Tracker app allows you to track your moods (surprise!) and recognize when anxiety is coming on. Self-Help for Anxiety Management provides a more holistic approach with its own tracking, relaxation and treatment tools. If you suffer from panic attacks, Stop Panic & Anxiety Self Help uses a combination of CBT, sounds and emotional training tools to help you cope with and avoid them. The Massage Techniques Videos app shows you how best to massage, you can do it by yourself or with a friend.

I hope you find solace with some of these self-help techniques. If you’re feeling like you can’t cope, and even if you’re just curious as to the help that’s available, it may be best to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. Anti-anxiety medication is also available. Free crisis helplines are also available.

Amelie Hale works at a stressful job and enjoys using her creativity to wind down after a busy shift. She likes to knit, sketch and bake in her free time.


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