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CPR for infants – Why all mothers should learn it.

Everybody loves babies, infants, kids because they are amazing. They are the future generation and need to be taken care of well so as to protect the life of the brilliant minds. They may be exposed to toxic environment anytime as anything can happen anywhere, say smoke, suffocation, etc. or they may have an inborn respiratory disorder that needs careful handling in case of an emergency. It is for this reason that all mothers are expected to know CPR for infants so as to save a life at the hour of need, maybe the health facilities are not anywhere near, and the child needs immediate attention. Better be informed with the appropriate approach to CPR handling to keep your son or daughter safe.

Below are the reasons as to why all mothers are required to know the CPR technique for infants.

  1. Wrong administration of the CPR can be dangerous to your baby.

CPR requires a strict step by step service which when not done correctly can be harmful to the baby. The CPR for infants is almost similar to CPR for adults only that it needs to be done with utmost care; you should take care of every detail and use the essential techniques when handling the infant.

  1. You could save a baby’s life.

Maybe it might be your child or maybe not. When cardiac arrest occurs, it only takes up to seven minutes, and if there is no proper circulation of oxygen in the body, then the probability of the infant passing away are high. But with someone available who is well versed in CPR for infants, then the life of the baby can be saved.

  1. To be well prepared for any eventuality.

It is useful to have the relevant skills and information with you so that you can take care of any emergency that arises. Parents need to learn CPR for infants not only for their children but also to be able to save the lives of other children in society. Assume you are far away from any health center, and an emergency happens, the time required for the arrival of emergency services may be high and hence it may put the life of your baby at risk. But with relevant skills on infant CPR, you will be in control of the situation.

Taking lessons on infant CPR make you always ready and responsible for any emergency that might occur.

To know more about cardiac arrest, one needs to understand more about ACLS. This refers to Advanced Cardiac Life Support. This course provides you with the relevant information about the most appropriate methods to identify and handle victims suffering from respiratory problems and cardiac arrests.

It also involves ACLS algorithms that you need to understand and follow so as to be in a position to provide the the services. These algorithms include:-

  1. Cardiac arrest algorithm
  2. Suspected stroke Algorithm
  3. Tachycardia Algorithm etc.

For proper administration of CPR to babies, please visit: https://www.acls-pals-bls.com/algorithms/bls/#cprchild and for more details concerning CPR algorithms, do visit https://www.acls-pals-bls.com/algorithms/acls/


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