The Daily Routine of a Jedi Knight

While we always see Jedi Knights in the heart of the action on the big screen, have you already taken the Star Wars quiz and are still left wondering what they get up to when they’ve clocked off?

A Jedi Knight always has a clear mind and a strong understanding of what they need and want to achieve on a daily basis. They can visualize success like no one else – here is an insight into how to apply Jedi Knight attributes into your daily life.

Early to Rise

As protectors of peace (which is obviously a huge responsibility) Jedi Knights need to get ahead of the curve which means waking up super early. The Jedi Way is all about being ready to challenge the day as soon as it begins, so Jedi’s are always the early birds who successfully catch the worm. Jedi yoga is popular first thing in the morning, to help the knights prepare for the day ahead with a strong, calm and focused mind set.

Eating the Right Food

For a Jedi, food means fuel, so they’re incredibly mindful about what they put in their mouth. Can you imagine a world where a Jedi Knight gets heartburn mid-somersault or can’t activate his light saber due to arthritis in his fingers? A Jedi Knight enjoys a well-balanced diet that gives them a lot of energy to prepare them for battle. So, instead of shoving bacon sarnies in their mouths you can expect to see them chomping on high-energy meat sources as well as raw vegetables, and taking in copious amounts of calcium, minerals and vitamins.

Exercise, Exercise and Exercise

A Jedi Knight’s whole being is about physical activity and therefore they exercise regularly. They don’t necessarily hit the gym hard, but they do ensure they’re always on the move, whether in battle or in training. Good maintenance of the body is about getting exercise and lots of it, so you can expect to spot a Jedi keeping his body moving all the time.

Lots of Sleep

If you expect the Jedi Knights to be able to get up and fight for peace and justice all day, then you should know that they will need lots of sleep. Just like us, Jedis need to catch some zzzz’s and this helps to ensure that they are always functioning at the highest level with both their minds and their bodies.

Keeping a Routine

One thing that’s always really important to a Jedi Knight is their ability to stick to a routine, as this allows them to perform to the best of their abilities every day. Jedi Knights need to be productive all the time and apart from when they go into battle; they will rise at the same time each morning, eat the right food, exercise and get lots of sleep every day as a matter of routine. What a Jedi gets up to on a daily basis is far different to what we see in the movies and it’s their health-busting routines that ensure they are able to bring their all to the big screens for our entertainment.


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