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How To Deal With Traumatic Births

The traumatic birth is an unwanted event, one that puts much stress on the woman after birth. Generally speaking, any distress can be considered a difficult or traumatic death. The most common examples are assisted birth and severe tears. Do not confuse this with postpartum depression (which is one of the signs of a traumatic birth) or birth injury cases that would require hiring an experienced birth injury lawyer. We are referring to events that led to physical problems after you gave birth.

The good news is that you can recover after such a trauma. However, this is only possible if you fully understand what you went through and you took the necessary steps to solve the problems that appeared. Here is what you absolutely have to know about the situation.

Traumatic Birth Effects

Effects are going to vary from one woman to the next. You will have a unique experience. It is possible that you will have to go through a longer recovery period. In many cases the woman ends up doing one or more of the following:

  • Revisits images of birth
  • Has a fear of giving birth again
  • Has relationship difficulties
  • Has a poor self-image
  • Has problems bonding with the child
  • Isolation
  • Loneliness
  • Low interest in relationships and sex

How To Recover

Recovering is something that you have to be actively involved in. You cannot simply expect to recover. You have to take steps to transform this into a reality. Various things can be done but those that have been proven as being really helpful include:

  • Talking With The Partner
    It normally helps to share the feelings that you have with the partner. Whenever a relationship with the baby or the partner was affected, you should even consider counseling. The partner can be upset to see that you do not feel good so discussions can be great for both of you.
  • Talk With A Professional
    You do not have to go to a psychologist, although that can help. What is important is to talk with the people that were close to you during the pregnancy, like the GP, a health visitor or the midwife. Local support groups exist for women that went through traumatic births. Ask the health visitor about such groups and do join them. Talking with other women that went through something simple can help a lot more than you think at the moment.
  • Discuss Labor Notes
    It is possible that you do not actually know what happened or you do not understand what happened. Reading and then discussing the labor notes with someone that does have a lot of knowledge about the subject will help you out a lot. Copies of the notes are normally available at the hospital were you gave birth. Your gynecologist will help you to properly understand what happened. In many cases understanding is what creates the difference between feeling great and being depressed for a really long time.


Dealing with traumatic births is not at all difficult but it can take time. You will usually need help so do be sure that you are going to get that help sooner rather than later.

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