Our food is our children’s food- Changing your eating habits to favor you kids’ health

Let’s talk a little bit about eating habits. Specifically, let’s talk a bit about bad eating habits. Bad eating habits can have drastic repercussions on your body, and as delicious as that French fry was last night at 2 AM, as costly it was for your hips and thighs. If you’re here, you are probably looking to correct a lot of the mistakes you make in the kitchen before your newborn son or daughter arrives, or to shelter your existing children. Or, maybe you’re just looking to impress your partner. These are all valid reason for which to take a second look at the way you do things and how you can alter them to benefit you more in the long run in terms of health.

To be honest, there shouldn’t really be need for a reason for taking care of ourselves, but we all know how the irresistible temptations of midnight snacks can make us forget about how our body is a temple. The important thing is that you are here and you are ready to change your ways. It won’t be an easy journey, and you’ll often times miss your favorite dishes, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely or extremely depressing journey.

The best thing to keep in mind over the course of the entire thing is that you are doing it for noble reasons. The health of your children is being put above anything else, and that deserves a round of applause on its own. It will probably get an encore too once the new eating plan kick in and those thighs start to thin up.

Changing the way we cook is essential

That being said, let’s look at one of our worst enemies in the kitchen: the fryer. Not everyone owns a fryer, but most people own a frying pan and it’s basically the same principle. The bad part isn’t the shape of the recipient but the contents which are thrown into it. Deep frying food or using oil (even olive oil, in excess it can be detrimental) will results in an alarming deprecation of health. Since it’s not on the outside right away, it isn’t awarded the same attention as if something were to appear on your face the next day after you’ve made your way through a banquet sized plate of deep fried chicken.

If you add the complementary mayo sauce and side dish of fried potatoes, you can call it the early grave starter kit. Considering the reasons for which you are trying to better yourself, it is important to get rid of such harm-doers right away. Throw that greasy pan out the window and welcome a toaster oven into your home. A toaster oven can instantly replace any frying needs with baking. If you’re not familiar with the toaster oven market, you can check a list of best toaster ovens here.

If you’re quite the meat connoisseur, you’ll have a great time exploring the delights of a toaster oven burger. This is just an example of the kind of usually avoided greasy food that can be turned into a healthy dish on the spot. Through the power of baking instead of cooking and the replacing of some ingredients, a burger can actually be a healthy meal for you and your children. And unlike a bowl of soup or a plate full of vegetables, we can all agree that the burger will have no problem in getting your kids to eat.

Quick and easy healthy burger

You just need to get some beef patties for the burgers and stick them in the toaster oven. If you can’t find beef patties at your local store you can just buy ground beef and make your own patties. It’s very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Once the patties are in the oven, you can start preparing the rest of the burger. Using cheese will also be avoided since it’s not the best for your health. You can throw some lettuce on a bun then continue with a couple slices of tomato. For condiments you can resort to the classic ketchup or mustard, but stay away from the mayo or any other type of sauce. Most often times, those do the most harm. You can even toast the buns a bit on a grill or in the toaster oven if you want to get fancy. When the meat is cooked simply assemble the burger and assemble it. Despite not being so packed with all kinds of things as the ones you buy, they will still be savory and enjoyable.

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