How Getting Better Sleep Makes Your Child a Better Athlete

Sports can be a major part of life for those that are going through high school.  Besides the fact that it gives younger adults something to do during the school year, it teaches them responsibility and how to respect authority figures.  There are many other benefits to being in sports as you go through high school and college, but those are the main two.  For young adults in sports, one of the major challenges they will face is getting enough sleep.  Between school work and being ready to compete in the next game, they are not going to be getting the right amount of sleep to keep their body in good shape.

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Sleep Improves Muscle Memory

Part of being a good athlete is the fact that you are able to use your muscles to compete in a sport.  In baseball, the pitcher has a few pitches they are very good at throwing and that has a lot to do with muscle memory.  A person who can throw a football 50 yards down field to a moving target is also benefiting from good muscle memory.  Getting the right amount of good sleep allows your muscles to repair and your brain to remember how you used them for future use.  Because it has been noted that you cannot make up for lost sleep, your muscles will benefit from good sleep.

Better Sleep Helps You Mentally

You might hear people talk about getting better sleep, instead of “more” sleep.  You also likely have a friend that can sleep for hours and then complain they are groggy when they finally wake up.  This has a lot to do with how good the sleep is that you are getting.  Just because you can sleep for 10 hours, does not mean that your body is going to benefit from it.  Experts recommend 7-8 hours of sleep per night in order to wake with a clear mental state.  Being prepared mentally will always benefit you in sports compared to having a foggy state of mind.

Sleep Helps Cognitive Functions

The brain is working 24 hours per day to keep you alive and functioning well.  When it comes to your cognitive functions, the brain is at the center of them.  There are many factors that play into how well you function on a cognitive level and you can bet that sleep is one of them.  Besides diet and genetics, getting enough sleep will help with your cognitive functions.  Functions like thinking, feeling, and intuition are also very important as an athlete regardless of your level of play.

If you find yourself trying to get better sleep and are not having much luck, it might be time to try something new. If you often find yourself falling asleep in a chair in the afternoon, look into something like the chairs on and see if they are the right fit for your situation. You may also want to consider a memory foam mattress for your bed. Young athletes are using every muscle in their body and getting those repaired each day with a good night’s sleep is important.  Good sleep is essential to performing well.

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