Getting A Divorce in Washington With An Attorney’s Help

Getting a divorce is an emotionally traumatic experience. Many people feel a flood of emotions all at the same time: anger, sadness, hopeless, denial, etc. fortunately, divorce procedures in the state of Washington are pretty straightforward. However, it still makes sense to have an experienced and capable divorce lawyer guide at least one side, if not both, because a divorce attorney has been going through the procedures many times and have seen many different kinds of divorces. Thus, the divorce attorney could offer help not just with making sure that divorce procedures are all followed properly, but also to reassure the clients that a divorce is not the end of the world.

“Irretrievable Breakdown Of The Marriage”

In the state of Washington, a divorce could be granted by the court simply due to “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage”. This just means that there is no way or hope that the marriage could be saved. It does not specify the exact cause(s) of the demise of the marriage, simply that at least one spouse wants to end the marriage. “Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage” is called “irreconcilable differences” in other states, which usually means that the couple have values, lifestyles, personalities, goals and dreams that are too different from each other’s that these differences are creating a gap in the relationship that cannot be mended. Similarly, the term “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage” does not specify who is at fault, thus making Washington state a “no fault divorce” state.

Legal Divorce Procedures A Lawyer Could Help With

When one side of the marriage decides to get a divorce, a divorce lawyer could help with the burden of filing a lot of paperwork. Additionally, a lawyer could be the one who will deliver the summons to the respondent (the spouse who did not initiate the divorce) for the petitioner (the spouse who initiates the divorce). Then there is also the matter of financial disclosure for both sides. A Financial Declaration document must be filed by both sides detailing the assets, income and debts. This must be achieved before the court can grant the final decree of the divorce.

A divorce attorney could also help when it comes to the distribution of property. Since Washington is a community property state, any property, debt and financial gain acquired during the marriage are to be equally split between the two sides. If both sides agree to a specific way of property distribution, the court would allow this as well.

Unfortunately, often times a divorce does not happen without any hitches. Indeed, divorces are usually messy business, especially if there are children, a lot of assets and debts involved. Add to this volatile mix all the competing emotions divorcees naturally have to deal with, and what usually happens is an ugly roller coaster ride. Luckily, with a trusted and experienced divorce attorney by your side, you can at least have some peace of mind, knowing that someone is fighting for you and what you legally deserve.

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