All You Need to Know About Sperm Banks

If you and your partner are unable to conceive, or if you are in a same sex marriage, you may be considering a sperm donation. In which case, you will have loads of questions that you need answered, such as the following.

Where Does the Sperm Come From?

Well, this would be the first question that comes to mind. There are some couples who get sperm that has been donated from someone they know. But, in most cases, the sperm acquired is usually from a sperm bank, where sperm donations have been made by other registered donors. The important thing though, is that all of the sperm that is donated is screened multiple times for any disease, and the donations are only accepted from healthy individuals, to maximize the health of the baby. Since sperm banks house a wide selection, the sperm your receive is carefully assessed so that there is a physical resemblance between you and your child. What’s more, the donor sperm you get from a sperm bank is of the same high quality as those that are supplied to fertility clinics, so there’s no need to worry about its quality or purity.

Is it Legal?

As mentioned earlier, all sperm donors are registered which means that the process is entirely legal. In the past, sperm donors remained anonymous, but the law regarding donor anonymity has changed and now the parent or parents can easily get access to any information they require regarding the donor. This information is also now available to the child once they have reached the legal age of 18 if they are curious of their biological parent.

What About Home Insemination

Contrary to popular belief, artificial insemination is not always carried out in a hospital or clinic. There are many licensed sperm banks that ship screened donor sperm right to your doorstep, to customers irrespective of their marital status. But, that being said, to maximize yours results, it is always advised that special care is given to the medical examination, timing and hormonal stimulation, along with other factors that will improve your chances of getting pregnant successfully. This can only be achieved if you are under the careful guidance of a physician.

What are the Options of Artificial Insemination?

A doctor or clinic will be in a better position to offer a more effective treatment. The treatment could include intrauterine insemination, which is the process where the sperm is inserted directly into the uterine cavity. There’s also the procedure called IVF or vitro fertilization, which can only be carried out by a professional doctor.

Are there Any Possible Legal Issues with Home Insemination?

Maternity (paternity) is usually something that is determined in accordance with the existing laws and legislations of a country. It is possible that you can get access to donor sperm, where the donors have relinquished all rights so that they cannot assume any paternity under law. You can contact the sperm bank to find out more about the prices and any legalities of artificial insemination.

Ending Note

Using a sperm donor will certainly require a lot of careful consideration. There will be lots of factors to consider. But, you will soon find that the enormous benefits easily outweigh any concerns you might have.

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