Picking the Perfect Holiday Resort for Your Kids

Going on vacation with kids can be an exciting time, especially for the kids, but trying to find the perfect vacation resort can turn out to be a real pain. There’s so much to think about and no matter how much planning you do, a great deal of it comes down to luck. If you’re thinking about going away with the kids to a family friendly resort, then read on as I detail the things you are definitely going to want to keep an eye out for when comparing destinations.

The Type

Before you start getting down to the nitty-gritty you will need to decide what type of resort you wish to go to. There are vacation resorts contained within theme parks and waterparks and there are also all-inclusive etc. Decide which is best to suit your situation first, or do a little research on a variety to make sure you really know what is best for you family.

Kids’ Club

If you’re not going to a themepark resort, then you are definitely going to want to research the kids’ club. Whilst you and your partner are relaxing by the pool or having a couple of drinks in the bar, you want to be able to relax and rest easy in the knowledge that your kids are safe and happy and having the time of their lives. There will be a full detailing of the kids’ club activities on the resort’s site so that you know exactly what they are going to be doing before you go and if it will suit your kids.

Nearby Attractions

Maybe you’ve found the perfect resort; it’s got an incredible pool, tons of entertainment for the kiddies, a well-stocked bar and restaurant, luxurious rooms, but before you fire your credit card info at them with one of those t-shirt cannons, you are going to want to have a quick look at the surrounding area. You might think it’s the perfect place for a vacation, but your kids might disagree with you. Make sure you look for nearby attractions for fun day trips.


This should be a primary concern if you have children. It’s very difficult to gauge a resort’s safety by looking at their site or by reading the brochure. In fact, it would be almost impossible because the marketing department would have covered all of that up. The only way to find out is to look at the reviews on vacation advisor type sites. You don’t want your child to get injured or to slip and fall by the pool yourself. Getting a respectable personal injury attorney would not be an easy thing in a foreign country.

The Food

A lot of foreign resorts will provide fun for kids, but they don’t think about food for the kids. Most foreign children have a very adult diet and will be accustomed to eating food that our children won’t touch until they are at least 45. Make sure you check out the food on offer and whether or not you kids will be able to eat what the resort serves.

That’s the considerations I think are the most important when trying to find family-friendly resort. The perfect resort is a difficult thing to find, but once you find it, you will probably return again and again.

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