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Prevent the Inappropriate Use of Smartphones – FamilyTime Parental Control App


If you have a late tween about to enter the teenage, you are probably having the smartphone talk these days or making a short list. You are not alone, as most kids enter teenage, a personal smartphone is at the top of their wish list. Well, phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets are a part life now and kids also need these things for their school and staying in touch with parents.

The problem only arises when these devices are used for viewing porn, sexting, unlimited gaming and texting, and social networking. Many kids, before entering teenage, come across pornographic content on the internet. As soon as they get personal phones, they can freely watch such stuff, and use social media apps, dating apps and games, most of which are inappropriate for teens. The earlier they start, the more the chances of device addiction as well.

Take a look at what is the inappropriate use of tech:

  • Viewing adult images, videos, and movies.
  • Sharing sexually provocative images and videos through texting.
  • Talking to unknown people online.
  • Harassing someone on a public
  • Violent and aggressive games and unlimited gaming.
  • Staying up late; texting, calling or watching movies and listening music.

All these things have serious repercussions in which the emotional, social, physical and academic life of a kid is affected. So it is necessary that before parents buy personal devices to their kids, they have an accountability system in check. They can make sure that behind closed doors and after lights-outs, their kids are not wasting their health and time over texting and social networking or watching movies. That they are not sending nude selfies to other people, getting a target of online bullying or bullying someone else. That they are not talking to their favorite game partner who is in actual a child predator.

Discard the inappropriate behavior

For this check and balance system, FamilyTime parental control app is an excellent example. It benefits the parents with different monitoring facilities.

Check out what they are:

  • Monitor text messages with time and date stamps.
  • View call logs and contacts lists.
  • Watch suspicious contacts.
  • Monitor web history and bookmarks.
  • Set age- friendly search on iTunes.
  • View installed applications.
  • Ban unsafe or questionable apps.
  • Get notified of the use of banned apps.
  • Disable phone use with time-based phone locks.
  • See location history.
  • Activate auto check-ins/checkouts of places through Geofencing.
  • Receive panic and pick-up alerts.

These are handy to check and control the above-mentioned behaviors. With regular monitoring and setting some boundaries, kids can be stopped from incongruous activities and prevented from bad outcomes. Visit Google Play or iTunes to try these features of FamilyTime app.

Keep it right!

Ensure that your kids and teens get the right protection from the beginning. Install FamilyTime parental control app on your devices and let them know how it works for their benefit. Along with the digital check, talking is also important so that kids may know why their parents are taking certain measures and be able to protect themselves on their own as well.

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