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Things To Consider When Buying Antique Bathroom Vanities

There are so many different types of bathroom vanities available at the moment and the truth is that making a good choice is going to be a little complicated. There are limitless combinations available on the market. This is even true when referring to something that is as niched as the antique bathroom vanities. There are always great antique bathroom vanities available. Just check ABL’s selection of vanities for some examples. However, choosing is not just about personal preference. You should always consider the following.


You can now buy bathroom vanities in practically all sizes so that the bathroom can easily be fitted. A vanity sink can easily be used even when the bathroom is pretty small. You can buy them with single or double sinks and can easily add counter space, cabinets, open storage and drawers. You can opt for so much more than just a pedestal basin but everything starts with size considerations. You want to be sure you choose the best possible size of the antique bathroom vanity or you will have huge problems.

Type Of Sink

Vessel sinks are nowadays quite popular. These are great in the vanity scene but will require specific plumbing accommodations based on faucet type chosen. An integral sink will be a part of the bathroom vanity. It is possible the same color appears as with the vanity top but contrasting colors are also possible.

Using Wood

When it comes to wood, custom furniture can offer absolutely all that you may imagine. It is not at all difficult to find great antique bathroom vanities made out of wood but you want to be sure you learn all that you can about them. Traditional choices these days include walnut, cherry and antique white wood. Woods are now gaining popularity because they are durable and can offer a truly remarkable appearance. If you want something very different, just go for the alternative woods.

Top Materials For Vanities

When looking at the sink region, it is really important to opt for warp and stain resistant tops since durability is the one thing that is the most important. Vanity top materials that have to be on the list include granite and marble. Granite is the one of the two that is harder, being available in various different possible colors. Marble includes natural color variance and is normally taken into account by those that would want to get a look that is warmer, as with French country interior design.

Design And Engravings

The last thing we should highlight is that you want to be sure owner personality is taken into account. Because of this, you want to consider all the different designs and engravings that are possible at the moment. You can so easily end up with something truly wonderful and that includes scrollwork, natural designs or floral designs. There is surely no shortage of designs available for antique bathroom vanities so choose the best option for you.

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