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If you’re thinking of getting a satellite TV deal, you might be surprised to learn that there are currently only two providers in the UK, which ultimately means that you’re going to have to make a decision between the two. Providing satellite TV in the UK are Sky, one of the biggest TV, phone and broadband companies – and the cheaper, subscription-free Freesat. But, just because there’s only two different providers out there, don’t be fooled into thinking that there isn’t a lot to be taken into consideration when choosing your satellite TV provider. We’ve put together a list of things you should think about in order to make sure that you make the best choice.

Paid or Free?

The biggest question that you’re going to ask when choosing between Sky and Freesat is whether you want a paid, subscription-based TV service or would prefer to watch TV for free. Of course, paying for satellite TV means that you’ll have access to a lot more than the standard Freeview channels, with Sky offering over three hundred channels to watch along with extra packages which you can add on to your subscription. If you’re looking to switch to satellite TV in order to take advantage of HD TV, it’s good to keep in mind that Freeview only currently has a handful of HD channels, whilst Sky has a much wider range. Want to find out more? Get Sky’s contact number from www.contacttelephonenumbers.com.

Can I Get Satellite?

Of course, before you sign up to a satellite TV subscription, you’ll need to make sure that you can actually get it in your location. Thankfully, one of the biggest benefits of satellite TV is that it’s very widely available, therefore unless you live in a very remote location, you can probably expect to be able to get it at your home. However, if you’d still like to be sure, you can use a satellite TV postcode checker tool to discover what’s available to you based on where you live.

Deciding Which is Best

Ultimately, choosing between the two UK providers of satellite TV will all come down to your reasons for wanting a satellite TV service. For example, if you want to move over to satellite because you are having problems with your home aerial and can’t get some Freeview channels, Freesat might be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you’re planning to get satellite TV in order to have access to a wide range of movies, channels, entertainment and sports, the best option for you would be Sky, with a number of different options to choose from based on what you prefer to watch. On top of that, for those looking for broadband and telephone services along with TV, it’s important to note that of the two, only Sky offer these products.

Although there are only two satellite TV providers currently in the UK, there are plenty of differences between the two. Understanding these differences is key to making the right decision when choosing your provider.

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