Things to Know about Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits Before Becoming a Lifeguard

The job of a lifeguard is tougher and more stressful than any outsider will ever realize until they step into the “shoes” of an actual lifeguard or end up on the receiving end of their lifesaving services! It requires optimum physical fitness, excellent swimming skills, the know-how to actually save a person from drowning, in-depth knowledge of the local laws governing the beach, comprehensive knowledge about the ocean, CPR and the experience to effectively use all of these and more. Then there’s also the lifeguard’s uniform. As you might know, for a lifeguard that’s actually a swimsuit; sometimes covered by a hoodie or jacket especially in the off-season. There is a balance with lifeguards’ uniforms, especially for women, of never getting in the way of the job while still making one look good. So ladies, if you’ve just landed a job at a lifeguard agency (or plan to soon) we’ve summarized the important basics of women’s lifeguard swimsuits.

Traditional One-piece Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits

These are the swimsuits from back in the day that we all saw when Baywatch was the most popular thing on TV. The show’s producers and costume designers were relatively spot on with the dimension of the women’s lifeguard swimsuits. Further, the tight-fitting and stretchable Lycra swimsuits are still one of the popular choices for female beach guards, pool lifeguards and swimming instructors all around the world. There are variations, but these one-piece swimsuits generally come with a keyhole back and single/double shoulder straps. Since they pretty much cover the entire torso up, it makes them suitable for more conservative atmospheres. They provide a very reliable fit and are comfy enough to be kept on for long periods of time. However, they are not as comfortable to wear during the particularly hot months of the year.

Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits: Two-piece

A lifeguard swimsuit two piece on the other hand is the more comfortable and stylish choice that modern female lifeguards are shifting towards nowadays. They are designed to offer maximum range-of-motion while you are in the water responding to an emergency. Lycra/spandex is the choice of material here because of the comfort and elasticity the fabric offers. The bikini-style, two-piece lifeguard swimsuit is great for looking good while saving lives – the maximum sun exposure helps keep those ugly tan lines in check.

Tankini Lifeguard Swimsuit

If you were looking to find middle ground in-between the one-piece and two-piece lifeguard swimsuits, here it is. Almost like a one-piece but not exactly; that’s honestly the best way to describe a tankini women’s lifeguard swimsuit. It’s quite a clever design. Instead of restricting your upper body like a one-piece, it separates into two pieces like a bikini. However, the top piece is actually designed like a short tank top for more coverage, while the bottoms are similar to what you’d see in a traditional lifeguard swimsuit two-piece.

While you’ll surely see numerous variations of these three women’s lifeguard swimsuit types, they basically will all fall into one of these 3 categories: one piece swimsuits, two piece swimsuits and tankinis. Your choice should depend primarily on two factors: the rules of the where you work and your own comfort level. Remember, unlike most other people at the beach or pool, it’s your professional uniform.

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