Top Three Proven Benefits of Industrial Hemp in Kids

Image Credit: Pixabay

Recent years have seen industrial hemp use by adults gain wider acceptance across America – recent studies show that nearly ninety percent of the population think that adults should be able to use industrial hemp with no stigma so long as it has been prescribed by a licensed doctor. Today more than twenty states have already legalised hemp for medical use.

While most people think that adults should have free access to industrial hemp (while under the care of a doctor), the same is not true of children – there is still a massive stigma around dosing children with the drug, even though there is growing support for it online and off. As can be seen in the previous link, there are many people and parents who love hemp, and love what it does for their children. The main complaint about the use of industrial hemp is that, on top of the stigma it still has due to its status as an illegal recreational drug, we have years of research which has told us that too much hemp can damage growing brains, sometimes to a great extent. When people say that they are using industrial hemp to treat their child, it can sometimes come across as saying they are deliberately stunting their growth.

This is untrue, however, as most of the people who are proponents of industrial hemp are quick to point out. There are two types of hemp in existence – Indica and Sativa. Indica is the more stereotypical plant, as it is high in the chemical which produces the ‘stoned’ look we are all so familiar with. Sativa, on the other hand, is low in that chemical, instead being higher in CBD, a chemical which has more of a stimulating effect. Indeed, parents have reported that, after taking industrial hemp, their children are more alert than they ever were on conventional drugs.

There are a variety of conditions which industrial hemp is being used for children, including epilepsy, autism, ADHD, and also possibly cancer.


Epilepsy is possible the most common condition which industrial hemp is used to treat, particularly a grave and uncommon form of it called Dravet’s syndrome, which is an extremely serious form of epilepsy caused by random mutation.

The use of industrial hemp in these circumstances is of course still in its infancy, but there have been reports from parents that not only have the seizures stopped, but their child has stopped suffering all the negative side effects which came from using heavy medication as well.


The use of industrial hemp to treat ADHD makes a lot of sense – the hemp will (still the Sativa strain) act as a more natural stimulant for the brain, without any of the negative side-effects which come with more conventional medicine. The stimulants will act as a means for the brain to focus, helping to mitigate the symptoms of ADHD to a certain extent.


This investigation into industrial hemp’s use for cancer is sadly still in its infancy, but so far there is research to suggest that it could help with the nausea and other side-effects of chemotherapy, it could also possibly relieve the pain which can sometimes be a side effect of the cancer treatment, and that it can generally making the child more comfortable.


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