Family Travels 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Traveling with kids can sound like a chaotic choice to make. But in reality, it’s actually a fun experience that you’re able to do with your family.

If you’ve traveled with your kids often or if it’s your first time, you should always be prepared for what’s going to come. To help you with this experience, we’re going to show you our guide to traveling with your family.

Get Everyone Involved

You and your family are part of your travel group so you should let them take part during the planning stage. 

Ask them where they want to go and what place they’d like to stay. Whether they’d like to go to the beach, museums, local parks, or the zoo. It’s important that everyone has a say on where you’re going.

Since your kids also want to have fun, you should also ask them about the activities they’d like to do during your travels.

Give Your Kids Something to Look Forward to 

Kids tend to stress out during travels, especially when it’s in a new environment. You should give them something to look forward to so they’ve got a goal in mind during your trip.

Hype them up by telling them that you’re going to the beach or they’re going to see their favorite animal at the zoo. It can even be small things like having some ice cream going to their local playground. 

This keeps their mind in focus on whatever reward they’re going to get once you get there.

Look for Resorts that are Designed for Families

Travelling can be tiring, you need to book a place to stay where you and your family are able to relax. If you’re planning on staying for more than a week then it’s better to find someplace with lots of amenities.

You can book a place by the beach with a nice pool so your kids are also able to enjoy while you can just sit back. They’ll probably remember the resort you’re staying at compared to the local tourist attractions that you’ve been going to.

Family-Friendly Restaurants

Although there’s the option of eating where you’re staying, you should always try to eat outside whenever you’re traveling. If you’re traveling with kids, try to look for places that can accommodate children.

Kids like to eat simple food so going to fancy restaurants can be too overwhelming for them. You can check online or ask the receptionist if there are any recommended places to eat that are also good with kids.

Make Sure to Go Slow

Cramming your daily schedule for your trip is extremely exhausting to both kids and adults. This can lead to burnout, making you and your family just want to go home early.

Since you’re traveling, have a bit of downtime every day so everyone can relax and unwind. Having some peace and quiet every now and then helps re-energize for your next tour. You can even get a portable folding chair from a local folding chair manufacturer so you can bring it around wherever you go.

Also, give your kids time to have fun by themselves and explore the place. They tend to get tired faster so pushing them to their limits won’t be enjoyable for the trip.

Avoid Overpacking

Although you’re bringing your kids with you, it’s necessary to be comfortable during your travel. Traveling with too many suitcases is a hassle and can tire you out even if you haven’t reached your destination yet. 

Always Bring Food 

Traveling on an empty stomach is going to get difficult, especially if you’re bringing your kids along with you. Be prepared and bring snacks around with you at all times, you won’t know when your kids are going to get hungry.

You can carry crackers, biscuits, or even chips, as long as you have something to pull out when someones are in need of nourishment. You can also purchase some good food in a trade show booth rental in Las Vegas.

Although it’s best to only seal or resealable food since airports won’t let you bring liquids or unpacked foods.

Tips on Travelling With Kids

Always Bring Spare Clothes

Kids are prone to get sweaty and messy whenever you take them outside. Make sure to carry extra clothes with you wherever you go.

Even during flights, they might accidentally spill food all over them. It’s inevitable that they’re going to mess up so always be ready when it happens.

Be Patient with Your Children

It’s normal for your kids to get whiny during long lines and hyperactive when heading to their favorite spots. They’ll also get overwhelmed during the trip so try to understand from their point of view. 

You’ve also gone through that travel phase as a kid so you need to understand what your child is currently going through. Let them have fun with their experience and try to be understanding with them.

Your Kids Can Have Fun for Free

Going to paid tourist attractions can be expensive. If you don’t want to spend too much, try checking out what’s fun and free to hang around. Try to do some DIY venture during your trip and create your own route for free to enjoy.

Your kids can have fun wherever they go, you can walk around the beach or the local park. This can let them use some of their energy while you can also have some relaxing time.


With all the planning involved, it’s also important to note that you should also take care of yourself during the trip. 

Have fun and try to relax every now and then. You should remember why you’re doing this so you won’t drown from all the stress and experience fatigue. 

Enjoy the views, relax by the pool, or even just have some family time. Don’t push everyone to their limits make sure that you and your family are enjoying your travels.


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