How to Avoid These Three Family Travel Blunders

Traveling together as a family unit has the potential to be an experience that brings you closer together and can fuel a love of travel in the younger members of the group. Exploring the world and all it has to offer is a great way for families to bond, but there are some very risky elements to consider. Making a mistake at any stage of your journey can lead to tantrums, stressed teenagers, frustrated parents, and screaming babies. Unfortunately, there are a number of common blunders that families make when they embark on a trip. If you want to avoid the nightmares, then prepare to take notes on how to avoid the following three blunders and get more from your adventure.

  1. Lack of prep

The number one blunder for families is focusing on the destination rather than the journey. People forget that very often, the journey is also the holiday, and as such, they concentrate on their arrival activities and forget that they are going to be in a vehicle, on a plane, or on a ferry for the majority of the day. The best way to avoid this blunder is to dedicate some time beforehand for some preparation. Make sure that you have snacks, drinks, and entertainment options ready to go. There are a wide variety of travel games that you can play, or if you’re traveling by car, then you could always introduce a classic audiobook to your family that you will all enjoy. No entertainment, no games, and no idea of where to stop to eat will all lead to frustration and far less enjoyment.

  1. Choice of transport

Whether you’re having a road trip or a flight to another country, always consider the rules and regulations of your transportation. This is especially essential if you’re taking a long road journey. Always check your car before you travel, because if it breaks down, you’re going to ruin the experience for everyone. Most savvy travelers make the decision to choose from a wide range of rental cars which can come with a selection of in-car options that may be more than your family car can ever hope to match. Renting a car is easy to do and may give you the chance to travel in much more comfort. When you’re all stuck in a car for a long period of time, that old banger on the driveway might not be up to the task.

  1. Slow down

Traveling as a lone adult is a very different challenge to traveling with a family. Don’t ever try to plan your journey in the same way that you did as a young explorer. When you’re on your own, the temptation is to experience as much as possible as fast as possible, but that technique won’t work if you have young family members in tow. Accept the fact early on that you won’t be able to see and do everything. Set yourself achievable goals every day and discuss potential options with everyone on the trip. That way, everyone gets a voice, and everyone gets to do something that they will enjoy.

If you have never planned a long journey as a family, then it can be all too easy to fall into the most common blunders. Commit time to prepare and plan, and your family will be much more likely to benefit from the experience.



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