Position of physiotherapist amidst the outbreak of COVID- 19

”2020” has been unanticipated by the whole world, particularly the doctors and physicians who are in a constant struggle to combat the outspread of the deadly virus. Physiotherapists are chiefly involved in supporting patients during the pandemic. Early recovery and functioning of patients will prevent the worsening of symptoms.

Physiotherapists emphasize the significance of mobilizing patients and getting discharged from nursing homes as early as possible. For any concerns you can consult Physiotherapy Guelph professionals to seek immediate attention. A good physiotherapist provides an integrated approach for treating medical problems.

Role of a physiotherapist during COVID-19

Most of the COVID patients range between the ages of 30-80 with no prior complaints before contracting the virus. As soon as the patient goes to the Intensive Care Unit, his immunity weakens.

  • The physiotherapist encompasses rehabilitation of patients by helping them do physical exercises, enabling movement, and giving counseling sessions.
  • Physical therapists are responsible for leading the team, working to cleanse the lungs of any purulent matter, and keeping them in good condition, which requires a team of doctors and physiotherapists suitable for it.
  • After patients recover from the virus and discharge from hospitals, physical therapists must de-condition them through regular therapy and exercise sessions. They motivate patients to feel better.
  • For people who are not affected by the virus, but only need to take measures to prevent the contagious disease, they must make physiotherapy a part of their routine. In addition to the above, they must boost their immunity by consuming balanced meals. Breathing exercises and stretching play a crucial role in keeping the mind and the body in good condition, and physical therapists are experts in this field. As COVID 19 is an ailment of the lungs, therapists work to nourish the respiratory system and the cardiovascular areas.

These health care providers are in close contact with their patients, thus, becoming vulnerable to contagious diseases. They need to wear equipment for personal protection while taking care of patients.

It is significant for physical therapists and other doctors to know the coronavirus and thereby take preventive measures for checking its transmission. They must provide their clinical opinion to resolve the purpose of treatment.

Maintain hygiene

  • Do not touch your face
  • Wear clinical masks at the clinic
  • Clean and disinfect the clinic after a COVID patient attends it
  • Use a sanitizer after coming in contact with types of equipment
  • Wash your hands with soap at least for twenty seconds whenever possible

Maintain social distancing

  • Do not shake hands with others
  • Avoid clinical examination. Use gloves when the assessment is mandatory
  • Mark areas for seating at your clinic. Do not allow many patients at a time.
  • Practice distancing from people having COVID symptoms.

Create awareness

  • Circulate up-to-date information about the pandemic among your staff
  • Alter rules and regulations of the clinic as per the present scenario
  • Put up signboards to inform people about the necessary hygiene and precautionary measures.

These are a few factors that physiotherapists must take into account by to avoid transmission of diseases.




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