Unique Things to Collect When You Travel a Lot

Traveling is always great. There is something about visiting new cities and exploring the attractions they offer that excites me (and many other travelers). Traveling with the family is even better, because then you have loved ones with whom you can share the excitements.

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We tend to take pictures and capture memories from our trip. Pictures are great, but bringing home something to collect from the cities you visit is even better. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on souvenirs and collectibles either. Here are some of the unique things you can collect when you travel a lot.


Coins are fun to collect when you travel internationally. They aren’t worth much and you get them all the time when you’re traveling abroad. They also have gorgeous designs with intricate details that are always fun to admire.

I always try to get the full set when I’m traveling abroad. Each country has different denominations of coins. It is also interesting to create different mints. It allows you to document the different versions of coins a country has. Of course, you can take it a step further and collect paper money too.


Jewelry is also fun to collect. I’m not talking about an expensive diamond bracelet or a necklace made of exotic materials. I’m talking about the traditional brass bracelets with unique carvings or a friendship band that is unique to the region.

Traditional jewelers don’t just offer a lot of cosmetic details and unique designs. Learn about the stories behind the jewelry you bring home. You can learn a lot about a culture from the traditional jewelry the people wear.

Coffee Mugs

This is another personal favorite of mine. I collect a lot of mugs, particularly mugs that show the city’s or country’s signature characteristics. National Park coffee mugs is the perfect place to start. Country-specific mugs are equally interesting too.

The next time you visit one of our country’s national parks, look for Deneen Pottery coffee mugs at the gift shop. You get detailed graphics and you can see the incredible craftsmanship that goes into every piece.

Wine Corks

Since we’re talking about unique things to collect from trips, it is difficult not to talk about collecting wine corks. Wine corks are unique depending on the brand and type of wine you have. They also contain information about the country or city you visit, especially when the wine is made locally.

You don’t have to buy the entire bottle of wine to collect its cork. Visit a good restaurant and simply ask the waiter if you can have the cork from the type of wine you drink. Most restaurants use special corks once the bottle is opened, so you can get a lot of corks to collect this way.

There are other unique things that you can collect when you travel a lot. A fellow blogger friend of mine even collect napkins with logos on them, which I find very interesting. Start your own collection and use the ideas in this article to help you.


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