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Ever think your day sounds like a glorious symphony?

Staying in the groove with work, home and social activities can be a real challenge when you have ADHD, as the three core symptoms are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. The soundtrack of everyone’s day is different, and Shire launched its new Compose Your Life experience to help celebrate that.

Part of Shire’s ADHDadulthood campaign, which aims to raise awareness of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults, Compose Your Life is an interactive musical journey that takes the meaningful details of your day and turns them into music with a personalized symphony. Compose Your Life uses music and animation to remind adults – whether or not they have ADHD – how important each moment of their busy day can be.

Campaign Objective:

We are seeking bloggers with a personal connection to ADHD (either you, a family member or close friend has ADHD or you care for someone with ADHD) to write a blog post and share associated social media content about ADHD and how it has impacted your daily life – at work or school, or at home and in social settings as well. Posts should include your own Compose Your Life symphony and encourage readers to try the Compose Your Life experience online themselves. A mention of the Compose Your Life experience is required along with a link to the landing page, www.ComposeYourLifeExperience.com.

If selected, you will:

  • Provide a draft blog and social media post(s) for review.
    • Please note that Shire’s review team may request changes that will need to be incorporated prior to going live.

Each blog post must:

  • Include Compose Your Life mention.
  • Include author’s Compose Your Life output (customized song).
  • Link to Compose Your Life landing page, ComposeYourLifeExperience.com
  • Share at least one personal story related to ADHD.
  • Include a disclosure sponsored message: “This post is part of a paid sponsorship by Shire Pharmaceuticals. All opinions are my own.”
  • NOT mention any branded products or ADHD treatments. Additionally, the posts flanking this one (the one posted before and after) cannot mention any other branded pharmaceutical products related to ADHD.
  • NOT include any claims about ADHD medication or treatment options.

Each social post must:

  • Include #sponsored or #ad hashtags to align with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines.
  • Include #ADHD.
  • NOT include any brand name.

Other Requests:

  • Each blog and social post must be provided in a Word document for the Shire medical/legal/regulatory team’s approval and cannot be posted until approval is received.
    • Please note that the client’s review team may request changes that must be incorporated prior to going live.
  • Each blogger must be able to turn comments off (and must turn off comments) on their blog post.
  • Each blogger must drive to their blog post via their own social media channels (1 Facebook post and 1 Twitter post) using the #ADHD hashtag.
  • Blog and social media posts cannot go live until they are fully approved (i.e. approval shared via email by the agency on behalf of Shire team).
  • Publish your post by given deadline (Will be shared upon acceptance into the campaign).
  • All of the information contained herein is confidential and should not to be relayed on any public or social network communications until the campaign is approved for public distribution.

Each blogger will receive paid compensation for this activation through the digital influencer network. If interested in this opportunity, you can apply below.

Apply for this opportunity here

Questions regarding compensation? Please complete the form so that we may address with you. Thank you!

Very best,

The Bloggy Moms Team


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