Community Guidelines and Standards

As Bloggy Moms continues to grow, it is important for us to maintain a few guidelines. Those found in violation of these rules and guidelines are subject to being banned from Bloggy Moms without notice.


The following Community Standards are subject to change and modification without notice.

  • No Spamming: This will result in your membership being withdrawn. Feel free to promote your blog and articles on Bloggy Moms – make sure they are placed in the correct groups and forums – not posted numerous times throughout the site.
  • No attacking/bullying: Messages, emails, comments, etc… that attack another member for any reason will result in your membership being withdrawn. Whether or not we agree on subjects such as parenthood, child-rearing, faith, health and wellness – we can disagree without attacking.  We have a zero-tolerance policy and you will be removed immediately and without notice.


The following guidelines must be met in order for your articles to be published on the Bloggy Moms Network. If your blog post does not meet these requirements, it will be rejected/deleted without notice.  The Article Guidelines are subject to change and modification without notice.

Posts should be at least 300 words in length and not simply an invitation to click over to your blog. Keep in mind that a post with more than 300 words will attract more readers to stay and read your content and therefore be a larger benefit to you.

You must be the owner of any content of any type that you post to this site.

What your post cannot contain:

  • Giveaways. Giveaways cannot be published in the post section of the Bloggy Moms Network. We now allow members to post giveaways in the post section. However, they must contain at least 300 words, should be well written and formatted in accordance with the site layout. They can also be posted to the Giveaway Events group, here.
  • If it is simply a teaser and link back to your blog – it will be removed.
  • If you have published only a link – it will be removed.
  • Every effort should be made to use proper grammar. Poor grammar, sentence and paragraph structure will cause it to be automatically rejected/deleted.
  • Posts are not to be a marketing platform for brands/direct sales companies, whether or not you are a representative/member or owner of that company
  • Posts should be in a user-friendly and easily readable font and color.
  • Posts should be divided into paragraphs where appropriate.
  • Posts cannot be a marketing platform for brands, services or businesses. If you would like to advertise on the Bloggy Moms Network, please contact us at
  • Posts cannot contain illegal or abusive content.
  • No Publishing of Sponsored Content: Members are not able to use the Bloggy Moms Network for marketing of their sponsored content and are not to publish their sponsored content to the network. Members in violation of this will be immediately banned without notice.  What is Sponsored Content?  Sponsored Content is any material/content for which you have been compensated in a monetary form including gift cards and credit.
  • You may not submit posts that contain affiliate links.
  • Posts with links back to a blog page that redirects to affiliate links will either be removed or have the link removed.
  • Posts that are simply an image will likely be rejected/deleted.
  • Posts with poor quality images and clipart will be rejected/deleted.
  • If you have accidentally published a blog post twice – we will remove one of the duplicate posts.
  • Offensive words and language.  This includes any speech or wording that would damage our relationship with sponsors and advertisers of the site.  We reserve the right to remove or replace any language that we consider to be explicit or offensive from any area of the Bloggy Moms Network.

What your post can contain:

  • Your posts can contain links back to your personal blog.
  • Your post can contain links back to relevant information. Posts with links to brands, products, services or businesses will be highly reviewed and rejected/deleted or links may be removed if suspected to be sponsored or marketed content.
  • Your posts can contain affiliate links – which are inherently different from sponsored and marketed content and advertisements.

We reserve the right to judge whether or not content falls under our allowed categories.

What may cause your post to be rejected:

  • Blurry images
  • Font and font color that is not consistent with the Bloggy Moms Network font and color.
  • Font sizing that is not consistent with the font sizing on the Bloggy Moms Network.
  • Articles that do not have a natural flow.
  • Articles that are hard to understand or read, have irregular paragraph order, story timeline or poor grammar.
  • Inappropriate, illegal or abusive content.
  • Articles that contain no relevant content.

We may remove links that:

  • Lead to any site that is not relevant to the post.
  • Lead to anything other than a personal blog.
  • That appear to be promotional or paid.
  • That appear intended to only drive traffic back to a brand/business.

We reserve all editing rights and may remove, without notice or explanation, any text or content.

These guidelines and standards may be updated at any time and without notice.


Content may contain affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost to you, we may earn a little somethin’ somethin’ when you use the link to make a purchase. Learn more here. Would you like Bloggy Moms to feature your brand? Contact us here.