5 Common AC Problem You Know About and How to Fix Them

When rooms are closed off, and airflow throughout the house is disturbed, common central air conditioning problems emerge. If you have a room air conditioner, though, the converse is true. Other common issues with current air conditioners include improper installation, service techniques, and cleaning. A central air conditioner installed incorrectly can result in leaky ductwork and inadequate airflow. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system problems must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid significant temperature variations in the residence and to reduce the risk of flooding.

5 Common AC Problem You Know About and How to Fix Them

Like all other electric appliances, a regular routine check-up is needed for AC. This allows you to detect any potential issues early on, preventing a costly repair lastly. Here are 5 common AC problems you know about and how to fix them:

AC Not Working Properly

When theAC stops down unexpectedly, there are a few things you should investigate. You should check the batteries of the thermostat first. You must change device batteries and thermostat batteries after a certain period. Then you mustrecheckif it is set tothe desired temperature. The AC’s circuit breaker mustbe reset If all fails.

Water Leak insidethe House

Water leaks from your AC indoor unit may occur when the system’s condensate drain becomes filled with algae or fungi. Another possibility for this AC problem is that your condensate pump has fully failed and mustbe replaced. This problem can be solved with the help of a home DIY Solution or a technician. A wet or dry vacuum can be used to clear a clogged condensate line. You should pour 6 ounces of vinegar down the drain to kill any fungal or algae growth.

Temperature Distribution is not even

The uneven temperature distribution may occur because it could not be a balanced air system. Some spots of your home won’t get as much attention from the AC unit, which depends on the size of the space, the location of the air vents, the windows, and even the outside temperature. Sun-blocking curtains or blinds should be used to cover larger windows. You can also install dampers or verify each room’s insulation for balancing your system and transferring part of the airflow so that each room is kept at the same temperature.

Unclean AC Filters

An AC air filter is essential for keeping the airflow clean and free of dust and pollutants. A clogged and dirty air filter decreases the system’s ability to cool the air. Since a dirty AC air filter is most likely restricting the airflow, you should check the air filter and try to clean it if the airflow from your air conditioner feelsclogged. When AC is used most during peak seasons, you should clean your filter every two weeks and replace your air filter every two months. You can get superior quality AC filters delivered to your home from Custom Filters Direct.

Also, smart AC monitors can also assist you in monitoring the status of your system’s filters. They will alert you when it’s time to change the custom air filter.

AC Sensor Not Working Properly

A thermostat device which is located under the control panel calculates the temperature of the air in room air conditioners. The air conditioner maycycleincessantly if the sensor is displaced. There could be a serious problem due to corrosion build-up dust, or it could simply be a case of dead batteries. If the thermostat is battery-powered, you mustmake sure the batteries are in good working order. You may take the cover-up and use a soft brush to clean the dirt. If you notice a corrosion build-up, you may contact a professional because cleaning it yourself can cause further damage.


These are some of the most common AC issues that homeowners may encounter before or during air conditioner usage. You should address these issues as soon as possible to avoid larger air conditioner problems. You can also contact professionals to get an in-depth overview of your problem. Air conditioner maintenance regularly can aid in the detection of underlying issues which can reduce your system’s efficiency.


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