5 Sure Ways Of Dealing With Debts

When you hear of the word debt, one thing comes to mind: money. Debts occur when you borrow money from an individual or financial institution and you are not able to repay the funds with or without interest. If your debt management efforts inspire a business idea, you might want to understand the New York LLC formation process as a viable choice for structuring that new venture.

It is only noble that money owed is refunded, but due to unforeseen circumstances, one may be unable to repay these funds on time or repay at all. In such instances, the people or organizations that you owe money may put pressure on you to pay back and this can be draining for both parties.

The Scottish people are lucky to have the Low and Grow Scheme and the  Debt Arrangement Schemes which help debtors pay loans in manageable ways without threats from creditors. Click here for info. In order to come up with ideas on how to be debt-free, the first step is finding out why you are in debt. Could be you took money to start a business or for fun. Once you understand why you are in the cycle of debt, the next step is making a personal decision to be debt-free and here is how to: 

Tip 1: Prioritize payment.

You can list all the debts you owe from the smallest to the largest. After evaluating your income, choose which debts to clear off first. There are two recommended methods that have proven to be effective towards a debt-free journey. These are:

  • Snowball method; whereby you will clear the smallest debt first and progress towards the highest. 
  • Avalanche method; clear the high-interest loans first towards those accumulating lower interests. 

You can also prioritize on who to pay first using the first in first out principle. Once you clear these, avoid taking more loans as much as possible. 

Tip 2:  Additional Income. 

 Diversify your income. Sometimes when one is in debt, you can look for another job to supplement the income you use to repay debts. If you worked two jobs, you will notice that you can repay your debts much faster and even have some money left over for your daily use. Other funds you can channel towards debt repayments include dividends and any other unexpected funds given to you. 

Tip 3: Accountability. 

Getting support from financial advisors, friends and family is another great step towards a debt-free journey. These individuals will act as your support group and accountability partners to ensure that you stick to the debt repayment measures put in place. 

Tip 4: Budgeting.

You can make a strict budget after making a list of all your expenses. See if there is the way you can minimize spending on parties, miscellaneous so as to channel the extras to debt repayment. Avoid impulse buying, unplanned lifestyle adjustments, and taking debts without proper planning as this ruins your budget.  

Tip 5: Emergency fund.

Set up an emergency fund to ensure that whenever you have an emergency, you are not running to borrow again which puts you further in debts. 

After all is said and done, key thing is to identify why you are in debt and strictly follow the plan you have on repayment and financial freedom. If you ever need to take a loan, only consider those with low interest and have flexibility on repayment.


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