Campaign Timeline

Though we are more than happy to work within your required timeline – we have found that the following schedule allows us a prime amount of time to filter applicants, provide them information and support while meeting our client’s needs.

Bloggy Moms receives campaign information and requirements from client. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for Bloggy Moms to review information and create an email call-to-apply for our members.

Bloggy Moms sends a call-to-apply to the members of our network. Please allow 3 days for members to consider the campaign and to apply.

Bloggy Moms reviews applicants and filters the group, seeking influencers who meet criteria set forth by our client. Please allow 2 days for this process. Bloggy Moms will provide client with a list of suggested influencers and their required statistics at the end of this time.

Client review the list of suggested influencers. Please try to have an approved list of influencers along with their approved pay rate back to Bloggy Moms within a week or two.

Once Bloggy Moms receives the list of approved influencers, Bloggy Moms will begin contacting the influencers within 24 hours so long as it is received on a business day.

Influencers will be given a deadline to return drafts of their blog posts and social media shares. Bloggy Moms gives the influencers a due date that is two days earlier than the client requires unless that puts the due date less than one week away.

Client reviews influencer drafts. Please be prompt on reviewing, requesting edits, and returning the approved versions.

Bloggy Moms will provide the influencers with their approved drafts and assign them a specific publish date or a date range set forth by the client.

Influencers will publish their content and submit live links to a form on This form will be made available to the client.

Influencers will be asked to be available the day their content goes live in the event errors or any issues need addressed within the live content.

The client will make payment to Bloggy Moms within 30 days for the entire campaign. Bloggy Moms will make payment to influencers as soon as payment has been received and the influencers live content has been approved.