Can A Bicycle Replace A Car In The Family?

A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that is propelled by human muscle power. The components of a bicycle can be listed on the fingers – frame, wheels, pedals, handlebars and transmission. The presence of a small number of mechanisms gives a huge advantage of a bicycle – the probability of failure is minimized.

There’s no point, every week, in opening the hubs and checking the condition of the bearings. We recommend a full technical inspection of your bike before the start of each season. Why? So that you can enjoy each season on a technically sound bike and get the most out of your bike.

Each of us would feel confident if we had a better figure, fresher skin, and better physical condition. And biking gives us the opportunity to be in good physical shape, and even in a great tone! And that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is that we don’t spend any time on it. We just eat, pedaling, and at the same time the body is improving, with each turn of the wheel is getting better and better.

The objective disadvantages of the bicycle. First, there’s the cold. If you are not prepared and do not have the right equipment – cycling in the winter is a little uncomfortable. And the second bicycle problem is the transportation of children, if in the warm season you can carry a child on a special saddle or with the help of Ferla family bicycles. However, for travel with the whole family over long distances, a car is obviously a better-suited.

A car is cool. Basically, this is all the pluses of the car, which can bring most of the population under 25 years of age. After all, every teenager dreams of a car bought with his parents’ money, and only a few really understand the essence of the car, its benefits and its price. A car is the most unprofitable investment of money, and why? Because it constantly requires repair, it rusts, wears out, requires insurance, etc. There are people who drive to work, take their wife to work and their children to school.

A car should be bought when there is already an acquired property in the form of an apartment or a house, when a stable family is formed, there is a stable source of income. Only then you should buy a car, which will really be beneficial.

A car is good when you earn on it, or have a prestigious salary to maintain it. Also a car is practical in family life. True, a family is not a family, because every year there are more and more “bicycle families”. These are families in which everyone has his own bike, everyone goes to work and to school on his bike, travel also all together and, mostly, on a bicycle. Anyone who has once traveled in this arrangement knows it’s fun and entertaining. And we think it’s the best option for families who are just starting to get on their feet. Thanks to the bicycle, you will save money, you will have time for everything, and you will improve your health, and again, you will save money without spending money on medicine.

However, the final choice is always up to you.



Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash


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