Common Habits Dogs Have And What They Mean

Dogs can have some strange habits that are common to their behavior. However, that does not make them any less loveable. Perhaps, you have seen your dog doing some of these things on a daily basis and always wondered what they mean. Sometimes, they try to tell you what they want, and their behavior can reflect their mood on other occasions. Here is a list of common habits dogs have and what they mean. This way, you will learn to understand your pup better and help them to live a happier life.

Why Is Your Dog Licking Their Butt?

When you see your dog licking their butt, it might simply mean that they are itchy. In that case, there is nothing to worry about. However, something might be wrong if you notice your dog licking their butt often and obsessively. You might also notice irritation and redness in the area. Some of the causes might be anal gland issues, skin infections, allergies, or parasites. If you become worried about your dog at any point or notice discomfort, consult your vet to find out the cause of the problem. The vet will then prescribe any needed medication, and your pup will be happy again.

Why Does Your Dog Keep Staring At You?

Whenever your pet stares at you, they have a good reason. If you catch your dog staring at you, it is a sign of affection towards you. They might be looking at you simply because they adore you. However, there is also a possibility that your pet keeps staring at you because they want something. They might want your attention, affection, or a treat, and you should find out what it is. On the other hand, your dog might be staring at you because they are trying to tell you they do not feel too well. Sometimes, you might find early signs of a health problem if you try to find out the reason.

Why Does Your Dog Lean On People?

Leaning on people is typical behavior, mainly when it comes to bigger dogs. It is their way of showing affection, and they are not trying to dominate you in any way. If they lean their body on your feet, legs, or body or lay their head on your lap, they simply want to be close to you. Sometimes, this behavior might signal that they are afraid or insecure. However, it is not too common. And if you notice that your dog is leaning on people or things for support because they cannot stand, you should get to the vet immediately.

Why Does Your Dog Keep Barking?

Barking is, for dogs, a way to communicate with people and other dogs. Most often, dogs bark when they think that there is a danger. If they bark too much, it could be a sign that they are bored or distressed. However, keep in mind that you should not ignore such behavior. Then, it might become a bigger behavior problem that would not be so easy to get rid of. The sound of barking is also influenced by their breed. While some dogs have a deep barking sound, some breeds cannot bark at all.

Why Does Your Dog Walk In Circles Before They Lay Down?

Another thing you can often see your dog doing is walking in circles before they lay down. It is believed that such behavior is rooted in the history of dogs’ ancestors. They used to live in the wild nature, and walking in circles would help them to make their resting spot more comfortable. This way, they would push down any leaves, debris, or grass so nothing would make them feel uncomfortable when resting. So even though walking in circles will not make your bed more comfortable, it is simply in your dog’s nature.

Why Does Your Dog Greet You With A Stretch?

When you come home from a long day at work, and your pup welcomes you with a stretch, it might seem like they just woke up from a nap. However, it is simply their way of saying hello to you. Next time your dog greets you like this, try to give them a little pat or give them a kind greeting back. This way, your dog will get more affection and will feel happier after not seeing their owner for the whole day.

Why Does Your Dog Tilt Their Head?

When your dog tilts their head, it might be one of the cutest things they do. Usually, it means that they hear something and are trying to find out where the sound came from. On other occasions, they might be listening to people talking and trying to make sense of the conversation. They might also be trying to pick up words such as play, fetch or walk, which would lead to an entertaining or rewarding activity. However, suppose you notice your pet constantly tilting head to the side without any trigger. In that case, you should see a vet and see if there is any medical problem.


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