Cool Ways To Wear A Clear Fanny Pack And Look Chic

The fanny pack, also known as the belt bag, has been in use since the 1980s and is still trending. In earlier times, it was of colors like neon and other hues but things have changed now. Now, the looks and styles of the fanny pack have changed. The best thing you can do to look chic while wearing a wholesale fanny pack is by wearing the fanny packs either with skirts or dresses.

Clear fanny packs are now easily available in the markets meant especially for the stadiums. These packs can be taken stylishly. Some of the cool ways in which fanny packs can be taken are listed as under:

  1. Put on the girly look

The best thing you can do to look chic while wearing a fanny pack is by wearing the fanny packs either with skirts or dresses. This gives a more balanced look to the way you feel. Girlie style is sure to give a more feminine look to your entire style. Bright and pastel colors can be used as skirts or types of denim with fanny packs.

  1. Put on with materials

Now you can wear any kind of fabric like satin, velvet or corduroy and everything will match with fanny packs. Fanny packs can be worn inside jackets and that also looks quite chic. You can put on interesting colors and prints as you like. The colors should be interesting enough.

  1. Give it a twist

Now, the best way to wear a belt bag is by putting it around or below your waist. That would turn out to be quite a chic look. Wearing it crossbody is the best way out. Fanny bags are small in size and you can easily put it in your body. They can be wrapped around in your body.

  1. Wearing it over outwear

Now, if fanny bags are your thing, then you can also choose to wear it above your waist. Wearing it above your clothes can turn out to be a trendy and chic style. The best way is to wear it over your jacket. In this way, you can also show your jacket and at the same time, your fanny bag will also be visible to others. Jumpsuit or dresses are other things which you can wear to flaunt your fanny bag.

  1. Put in your personal touch

You can put in your touch to the fanny bag that you are putting. Adding patterns and studs is one thing to make it personal. Patchworks are another thing which you can do to make your fanny bags look your own. Giving that personal touch is what called trendy and chic in today’s world.

  1. Fanny bags and leather

Now some people do have a leather jumpsuit in your closet which they can use to show off with their fanny bags. Sporty fanny packs look extravagant with leather items. It can be leather boots or also the dress that you are wearing. Wearing it with a moto joto jacket also helps and it looks wonderful.

These are some of how fanny bags can be taken. Just choose the style which you prefer the most and you are ready to rock the day.


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