Find Out Why Moms Should Be Following Sports

When it comes to following sports, it may sound sexist, but it’s often dads who show the most interest. While there will always be some mothers who make sports an integral part of their lives, many more would rather be doing anything other than watching the game. However, if your sports scene is more about placing a wager on a sports betting app than about actually playing or watching, it could be time to think again.

The Sports Mantra

Even women who were very athletic before they became moms often let sports slide when they settle into the busy lifestyle of being a parent. Yet, there’s definitely a strong case for moms following sports. In fact, there are numerous sports concepts and mantras which are highly applicable to being a mother.

If you’ve ever said “no pain, no gain” referring to a workout or training regime, for example, you may want to rethink it in the context of motherhood. Labor, for instance, is all about no pain no gain! If you remember the classic “Just Do It!” phrase popularized by sports brand Nike in the 1990s, you can apply it to being a parent. Cleaning up vomit or a dirty diaper may not be pleasant, but you just need to get on with it!

Competition Is Key

Then, of course, there’s always the competitive element of sports to consider in the context of being a mom. How many times have you heard parents competing with each other in the playground, either out loud or silently. Every mother wants to be more perfect, more creative and more capable than the others. We’re even competitive with ourselves, pushing ourselves harder and harder to do everything right and berating ourselves if we make a mistake or fail at the first hurdle.

Strategy Comes Into Play

Even strategy comes into play. When you’re on the field during a game, it’s all about being strategic so you can snag a win for yourself or your team. However, when you become a mom there’s plenty of strategy involved in your life too. It all starts with planning our your birthing strategy before your son or daughter is even born! After that, the strategies come thick and fast – sleep training, potty training, discipline, menu planning, education, schedule… knowing how to be strategic makes you a more successful mother.

An Endurance Test

should moms follow sports

If you thought that sports requires some serious endurance, it’s time to think again. From the very moment your little one arrives in your life you are set for a life of continual endurance! Motherhood is often the hardest endurance test that you’ll ever face and while you may want to give it all up and sit on the bleachers, that’s not going to happen when you’re a mom! Moms don’t get to pull a sickie. They don’t get to take a vacation, even when they really need one! Essentially, all the sport that you’ve ever played in your life and all the endurance that you put into your training now comes into play when you’re a mom – the ultimate test of endurance!

The Timeout

Timeouts are a thing in sports, and, fortunately for all of us moms, they’re also an option for parents and kids too! Children can be put into a timeout when their behavior needs to be changed, and occasionally, moms can even give themselves a timeout when it all gets too much (see above about the ultimate endurance test!)

Camaraderie Still Applies

If you follow team sports, you’ll soon recognize the feeling of camaraderie that builds up amongst teammates. Moms have the same feeling of belonging. When you find other mothers, perhaps in the school yard or perhaps in a mom and baby group, you’ll find that you can all share each other’s successes and pains. You’ll be there to support each other no matter how challenging being a parent becomes.

The Concept Of Teamwork

Most sports require an element of teamwork. Whether you follow baseball, basketball or football, being part of a team is an essential component if the team is going to win a game. Families involve teamwork too. Who is in the team may vary. Perhaps it’s just you and your partner. Perhaps your team is bigger, including your own parents, your in-laws and your siblings. Perhaps it even includes your friends. Embrace them all and learn how to work together as a seamless unit- motherhood is a lot harder without your team at your back.

As you can see, there are so many reasons why all moms should follow sports. There are a surprising number of similarities between sports and being a parent. Those similarities may not immediately be apparent but after a little thought and a whole lot of experience, you’ll come to recognize them all!

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