Easy way to Choose the right private Jet charter company

A private jet is one of the fantasies that many people look up to owning someday. But when it is going to be the first time for such people, the challenge usually comes is how to choose the right company. Well, to rely on such a charter company requires quite guts as a lot of money is already invested in it. Getting the charter at a fair price while ensuring the family stays safe is quite a challenging task. That is why listed are some efficient tips that can help to make the right choice amongst the best private jet charter company.

Tips to choose the private Jet charter company

Different air charter companies offer many choices. Primarily, such companies offer such choices to ensure that user’s certain aviation needs are met during their trip. Besides, chartering is one way from a cost point of view as the investment is quite huge even for the trip-by-trip basis.

  •   Meet the jet Safety Standards:

Most private jet aircraft are usually FAA regulations. It is a minimum standard that denotes the experience of the pilot and maintenance of the aircraft and training. It is important to check if the company has got all the private jet charter FAA air career certified and D085. With such certification, the company can offer private jets to be used as a charter to the public. If this certification is not presented then it could be a possibility that charter company is illegal

  •   Scope of Operation:

It is better if a company has got D085. This is a page that states the scope of operations that the company has got. It also lists down every aircraft that the company has operated to date. This includes the serial number and even the registration tail number. If the company quotes down that plane is not listed on D085 then probably the company works more like a middle man while another company is operating the aircraft. Now, this is not a practice that is legal and normal in the industry.

  •   The safety trip report:

Dealing with a private jet company is not an easy thing. It is important to look for the ARGUS safety trip report or even the Wyvern report to be sure that the company follows all the safety measures. The ARGUS and Wyvern are the two safety organizations. The company that has the certification from either of these organizations means it has cleared the onsite physical audit in the last two years.

  •   Hard Quote:

Usually, the best company shall offer a hard quote. This means the expenses are already accounted for by the company and there will not be any kind of hidden charges.

But yes, there might be some things that may not be seen in the catering, ground transportation, or inflight phone usage, and so on.


These are just a few of the things that can be helpful. Other than this the age of the aircraft and company experience is also important. Besides, the team of right cabin attendants and pilots also make a huge difference. Before opting to deal with the private jet charter company, it is important to have clarity using the above pointers.


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