Every mom can Raise a Math Genius with These Tips

As a parent, it’s never easy watching your child struggle with a subject, especially math. But you can either fold your hands and hope they improve with time or grasp the nettle and do something about it.

A research published on ScienceDirect shows that children learn faster than adults. Hence, if you’re dreaming about your child becoming a math kid, now is the time to work. So if you’re a mom hoping to raise a math genius, try some tips in this article to improve your kids math skills.

Introduce them to Games that Exercise the Brain

Most kids spend 80% of their free time playing games. While many kids’ games are purely for entertainment, some educational games can help them improve their math skills. Games like Monster Math, Prodigy math, and Marble Math Junior are designed to help your child learn basic arithmetic while enjoying fun gameplay.

Apart from math games, other special games can improve your child’s brain development. Introducing your child to Legos early can help sharpen their math skills. Using Legos, you can teach your child geometry, counting, and graphing. Other games that can help children get better at math are chess, Pokémon cards, Origami, and Go.

Buy them Math Books to Study

If your child must become a math genius, you’ll need to look beyond what they’re learning at school. This means buying kids math books for them to study. Many books teach maths using creative approaches. Some examples are Math curse, The chicken problem, How big is a foot, and Pigeon math.

You might also want to get your child math books by Martin Gardner. Gardner was a popular American mathematician who wrote some of the best math books available today. His best math books for kids include The Arrow Book of Brain Teasers, Science Puzzlers, Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles, Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery.

Find Resources to Help you Help Your Child

If your child must become a genius math kid, they need a mom who’s not only supportive but knows what she’s doing. Many parents can’t help their children because they don’t know how. They took one look at their child’s assignment and realized they were not equipped to provide the kind of support their children needed.

The government is constantly changing the curriculum and introducing new and improved ways to teach children. What worked for you decades ago may not work for your child. This is why you need math for mom resources to bring you up to speed with modern methods to teach math.

These resources could be books! Many books provide math for mother tips. A good example is Maths for Moms and Dads by Eastaway Rob. You can also get help from platforms like The Maths mum, which supports parents who want to help their child with math.

Enroll them in extra Classes on Math Tutoring Websites

Another brilliant way to help your child become a math genius is by signing them up for extra math lessons on mathematical websites for kids. Since the lockdown due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, there has been a surge in the number of websites that offer to tutor kids.

Platforms like Brighterly provide one-on-one math classes with expert teachers who can help your child improve their math skills quickly. These platforms also provide worksheets for different grades, math games, and a customized curriculum that focuses on the areas where your child struggles the most.

Talk about Math at Home

When many kids come home, they go straight to their video games and do not bother with what they learned in school until the next day in class. If school is the only place your child learns about math, the chances of them becoming a genius are pretty slim.

This is why you need to engage in math conversations with your child. Ask them about what they learned in school and go through their assignments with them. Ask random math questions and offer small rewards for correct answers to motivate them. When kids think and talk about math, the subject suddenly becomes less intimidating and easier to learn.

Final Thoughts

With the right approach, any child can become a math genius. Unfortunately, many parents fail to put in the work and expect schools to do all the magic.

While your child’s teachers will probably do their best, they need more than just schoolwork to become math geniuses. With the tips above, your child’s math skills should improve significantly.



Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko




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