Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Leverage Community to Overcome Barriers to Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle

Herbalife nutrition clubs are gaining popularity across the nation — and the results are amazing. People are leveraging the positive benefits of social support and daily encouragement to achieve their health, wellness, and fitness goals. The clubs are taking the concept of community building to a whole new level — one that offers support, advice on nutritional supplements, and one-on-one accountability relationships that encourage members to eat healthier and exercise for better health.

While gatherings revolve around enjoying a nutritional protein shake or tea mixed with aloe, the experience doesn’t stop with a great-tasting beverage. Club leaders help members set weight loss goals, gain confidence, and keep their community motivated to make lifestyle changes that improve their health.

Social Ties and Community Support Key to Lifestyle Changes

It’s a well-known fact that isolation is not good for our health. Community clubs and gathering places provide welcoming socialization opportunities that may reduce health risks associated with loneliness. When it comes to making lifestyle changes, just getting in a crowd is not enough. Finding the right community (and the right approach) is critical for success.

Starting a new exercise regime is a great example. Dr. Pamela Rackrow participated in a study to investigate the benefits of finding a new exercise partner. After reviewing the data, she offered this conclusion: “Our results showed that the emotional social support from the new sports companion was the most effective. Thus, it is more important to encourage each other than doing the actual activity together.”

Based on studies like this, nutrition clubs incorporate social support elements along with information about exercise, healthy food choices, and high-quality nutritional supplements. Individual nutrition clubs are created to serve the community as a whole, one person at a time.

Community and Location: Key Factors in Health and Wellness

Humans are made for social connection. We thrive when we have a broad social support network. Our social circle helps reduce stress and helps us navigate challenging circumstances. In addition to the sensory experiences we share — touch, sounds, and cultural expressions — we need an emotional flow that connects us to our larger community. Hearing someone else’s testimony of facing the same hardship and overcoming it gives us hope that we can do the same thing.

It is well-documented that certain cultures have healthier lifestyles than others. The body of evidence is growing that where you live may negatively impact your health. For instance, people who live in areas with fewer affordable, healthy food options often die at an earlier age than those who live in neighborhoods where fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful.

More About Herbalife Nutrition Clubs

Herbalife nutrition clubs offer daily opportunities to socialize while enjoying a nutritious meal replacement shake or tea beverage. The clubs give members a chance to taste new flavors while gaining valuable nutrition education and support. Attendees may join group sessions, or opt for one-on-one coaching sessions, or participate in weight management and nutrition challenges.

Testimonies play a big role in nutrition clubs, where individual distributors or members share their personal journey with other customers and guests. Often times, they share stories of how they struggled with their weight or their health, how their coach motivated them to pursue a healthier lifestyle, and their results. These stories serve as inspiration for others in the community.

Each Herbalife nutrition club is owned and operated by an independent distributor. Similar to a small business owner, they can sell Herbalife Nutrition products in the club, design coaching and membership programs, and facilitate workout events and challenges. These clubs essentially become gathering places for the local community to access affordable nutrition while collectively pursuing a healthier, active lifestyle.



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