How Can DIM Supplement Help With PMS Symptoms


Do you feel sad and depressed when those days of the month are coming? Or, you suddenly crave for food? Most of the women suffer the same symptoms, although they can vary. The good news is that there is a cure for  PMS, and it is completely natural. DIM supplements have become quite popular due to their hormone balancing abilities. Lots of women swear by them, as an easy and natural way to get rid of the undesired PMS symptoms. Is this real? Can you really make the days before your menstrual cycle bearable? Read on and find out more!

What causes PMS

PMS is not only about chocolate cravings and cramps. When we say PMS or premenstrual syndrome, we think of the physical and emotional changes that occur before a woman’s period. This is the reason why women hate “that time of the month”. The most common symptoms are acne, bloating, fatigue, mood swings, stress, anxiety, breast sensitivity, and food cravings. These may last for up to six days, making everyday life more difficult. Changes in hormones during the menstrual cycle are considered to be the main reason for this.

What is DIM

Certain substances contained in vegetables, such as cabbage,broccoli and brussel sprouts  simulate the production of Diindolylmethane in the human body. This important phytonutrient is also known as DIM and has unique hormonal benefits. As a supplement, it will help your body regulate the hormones. DIM is known to achieve hormonal balance in a natural way.

We already mentioned that changes in hormones is the main cause of the premenstrual symptoms. This is when the importance of using natural remedies for hormonal balance will come to a question. DIM will balance the level of the “good estrogen” in the body. This means that DIM will stimulate the body to balance the hormone levels on it’s own. It will not add up hormones, but rather make your body reduce the levels of estrogen dominance.

How to pick the right DIM supplement

When choosing a DIM supplement, make sure that you pick a good quality one. Soetik High Strength Diindolylmethane DIM Complex is something that works like magic. This product  will help your body regulate the estrogen levels by itself. As a result, the PMS symptoms will no longer be painful and awful.  It contains vitamin E too, that is good for your immunity system, healthy skin, and eyes. On the other hand, it is vegan friendly because the caps are not made out of animal ingredients.

It is really popular on the market, as the price per quality ratio is perfect. If you want to purchase this product, click here.

What are the benefits of using Soetik High Strength Diindolylmethane DIM Complex?

  • Reduces hot flashes and irritability
  • Reduces sudden mood swings
  • Decreases the breast pain and sensibility
  • Minimizes water retention, which will help with bloating
  • Helps you sleep better during the menstrual cycle, since it decreases the level of stress
  • The immune boosting properties will help you defeat certain illnesses


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