How Instagram Motivates Moms

Today’s moms, especially working mothers have little time to interact on social media platforms. Then, when they find some time, these women scroll through their Instagram feeds. Sometimes, moms post photos or videos of the dishes they prepare at home on the photo-sharing site and share the same in the Stories feature of Instagram.

As far as Instagram is concerned, it has become a favorite platform for all, more for social media savvy moms of the millennial generation. It’s an irrefutable fact that moms far and wide use the Instagram app. Did you know that there are 40 million posts having hashtags such as #Momlife, and numerous other posts that relate to themes like #Workingmoms or #Successfulmotherhood?

According to an article published on, there are Instagram feeds with a toddler’s first steps or his first visit to the zoo that modern moms post these days.

When it comes to Instagram, it’s an amusing and motivating virtual world where moms can relate to their motherhood. Read on to learn about some of the ways Instagram motivates mums in parenting.

Introduces mums to new things

Before start using Instagram, you most almost certainly have seen that the living room plant that helps in cleaning the air in your home has come from a mother. Again, when you search Google for a recipe, numerous Instagram ads pop up and of course, these are mom-inspired recipes.

When it comes to Instagram, it is one of the best tools to learn about the new things, you did not even know existed at all. When you scroll through the feeds, you often click on the magnifying glass icon where you can find a treasure trove of new things. When you scroll, numerous ideas come to your mind and you become hooked to Instagram’s never-ending discovery page. Same way, moms use Instagram to discover new things that help them in parenting.

Keeps moms trendy

In the old days, there was no trend to throw a big party to celebrate the birth of a baby or when a toddler turned one month. However, with the advent of photo-sharing social sites like Instagram, moms feel inspired to go live with the baby smiling in their arms while the video or picture is clicked. This way, these visuals become worthy of Instagram, the platform popularizing numerous trends to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby.

Today, moms scroll through the Instagram feeds to figure out what is trending among new-age mothers. To be honest, Instagram helped in revolutionizing the trends related to motherhood. These trends seat into your memories, and you hope that someday, you can use these and show off your Insta-worthy moments with your baby in your arms. Baby photos and videos are the most liked on most social media sites including Instagram and therefore, it is not hard to buy 50 Instagram followers or more with your Instagram-worthy moments.

Instagram is informative

Instagram is not simply a social media site. It is not just about posting your selfie with many filters applied to hide the fatigued face of a busy mom you are. Instagram is fun with visuals and besides that; the social site provides loads of information.

When you do a search for mom’s breastfeeding their babies, you will come across numerous pictures of mums, sharing a single or a couple of ideas about breastfeeding their babies in the right way

Whether it is baby clothes, diapers, baby food, or a vegan lifestyle, moms can pick out their interest and the photo-sharing app will fetch that information right away. Once Instagram algorithms know about your interests, likes, and preferences, it will show you posts of the same kind until you become busy for dinner or have loads of clothes to send to the laundry.

Instagram makes shopping simple for moms

When you are looking for some jeans and want to get the shopping complete, while you find some #mominspiration, there is no need to leave the Instagram app. You can do all these things without leaving the social app.

Today, Instagram is more than a social site. It is a shopping tool for moms, especially the busy mothers who do not get time to dress their kids, put them in the car, and drive off to a shopping plaza some miles away.

With the Instagram app, working moms need to enter some of the keywords and they can shop with ease on Instagram because it has shoppable posts. The majority of the one billion Instagram users are not simply engaged visitors who like the photo-sharing site, most often they are online shoppers. Therefore, it is no wonder that many businesses are trying to reach out to these shoppers on Instagram to generate sales.

Final thoughts

Instagram inspires moms in many ways for the right parenting. Moms capture some of the beautiful moments with their babies and post it on Instagram to celebrate motherhood.




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