How Old is Too Old For Video Games?

Even though video games are often associated with young people glued to a screen and a controller, the truth is, they appeal to people of all ages. One of the reasons there are so many different types of video games is that they appeal to a diverse audience. Studies show that people of all ages, genders, races, and economic backgrounds enjoy playing video games. This diversity is why the video game landscape keeps expanding as time passes.

Video Games: When Is Enough Really Enough?

Surprisingly, recent retirees and seniors tend to enjoy video games almost as much as the teenage crowd. While there may have once been some merit to the stereotype of someone’s grandmother not being able to figure out e-mail, times have changed. The difference lies in the type of games preferred by the different age demographics, as well as the kind of system used to access the games.

Console Gaming

Console gaming includes playing video games on systems such as Xbox or Playstation. This is, and always has been, appealing to a younger crowd. Many of these games feature intense graphics, fast-paced action, and loud noises. Some systems even involve physically moving your body to make the game react. These games provide constant adrenaline and are appealing not just to younger people, but to the parents who often buy the game systems. While most popular console games are great for stress relief, they rely heavily on quick reflexes and agile eye-hand coordination. Those who are older, as well as those with certain health issues, may become exhausted too quickly to truly enjoy most console games.

Internet Gaming

Internet gaming is by far the most accessible option for people of all ages. With everything from World of Warcraft to The Sims available for download, and free-to-play browser games ranging from solitaire to Game Of Thrones, there’s something for everyone. One pitfall to be aware of regarding internet gaming is the cash investment. Many games are free to play, but you only progress by buying items in-game. Others require a purchase of the actual game up-front or a monthly subscription fee to access the content.

Many over the age of 60 enjoy casino games. Instead of needing to board a bus on Saturdays and take a day trip to a local casino, it’s now possible to play poker, blackjack, slots, and even roulette without putting on shoes. In some places, you can even play for money. Sites such as GoodLuckMate are making gaming highly accessible to people who may otherwise struggle to find a place to enjoy their favorite game.

Mobile Phone Apps

Playing casual games via mobile phone apps is now one of the most popular options for laid-back fun. Since people of almost every age have access to a cellphone and the number of free apps is overwhelming, it’s an easy option. Most are easy to download and don’t require a steep learning curve. This makes it easy to try out many choices before finding the game that’s tough to put down.

Like many browser games, mobile phone apps make their money through in-app purchases. Still, most are low-cost and worth the investment for a few months of fun. Older players tend to enjoy puzzle games or those focused on activities, such as developing a farm or collecting items to reach the next level of the game. One mobile phone app, BitLife, became highly successful while only relying on a text interface. The point of this game (to guide your character through life) is appealing to older players because of the ability to have families, generations, and legacies.

Play Keeps Everyone Young At Heart

No matter what a person’s age or interests, there’s a video game available out there that’s bound to be fun. It’s truly a hobby for people of all ages. As people age, both social interaction and the ability to physically navigate the world can present challenges. Video games are a wonderful way to easily experience these activities without limitations. In this way, gaming opens up a whole world of possibilities and keeps people young at heart.

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