How to become a freelance writer when you became a mom?

Being a mother is the biggest blessing a woman can ever ask for. What can be better than holding a mini-version of you? Having family and children is what most of the people consider the essence of life. However, it often requires certain sacrifices, especially from the mother`s side.

As a new-born baby requires constant care and attention, one of the parents, usually a mother, has to take paid leave after childbirth. But sometimes it is not an option. Very often a mother is not ready to sacrifice her career or tighten the belts. Check these recommendations from where more than 200 freelance writers work.

Working at home. Where to start?

It is still possible to proceed to work at home, even when taking care of a child. First of all, it is necessary to define the skills the person possesses to find the most appropriate job opportunity. Freelance market is not as diverse, as the ordinary jobs one, but it still has many positions. In the majority, they include intellectual jobs, connected with translations, content writing, java development, etc. There are many websites all over the Internet, which offer freelance work. The best way to find the most appropriate one is to define your strengths and knowledge and search for the best offers in this sphere.

The first step. Writing a good resume.

Writing a good resume is essential not only for the ordinary job application but for the freelance one as well. As the employer will most likely not be able to have a real-time interview with the candidate, the resume will create the first impression of the employee. That is why this step must be treated with great importance. A good resume must not be a long one, maximum two pages. It must include brief information about the person, their education, experience, and skills. The resume has to look presentable. It is possible to use special templates to make it look better. Most importantly, it has to contain only the truthful information, as it can easily be checked during the interview.

Getting ready for the Skype interview

As a freelance mother will most likely not be able to leave the house to attend the job interview, many employers can conduct the skype one. Such a method has its pros and cons.

  • First of all, it is necessary to mind the attire. Despite being at home, the employee has to look formal and presentable, as if attending the actual interview.
  • Another important point is the background. It has to be neutral. It is better to find a place in front of the wall, with no pieces of furniture or any other things around.
  • The Internet connection has to be good. It is better to check it 20 minutes’ prior the interview and login to Skype or any other platform beforehand.
  • The candidate has to be sure the place is quiet and no one is distracting them during the conversation.


To sum it up, being a mother does not mean that a person necessarily has to quit their job. Nowadays the freelance market offers various career opportunities for people who are not able to work in an office. The only thing that is needed is a laptop and a stable Internet connection.

Of course, combining the mother`s obligations with work ones is not an easy task. But if you are a mom and you know that you can do it, just give it a try, as our destiny is in our own hands.


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