How to Choose The Ideal Material for Your Bed Frame

When choosing a bed frame, strength and durability are your greatest concerns. Also, beauty comes to the fore since the bed frame contributes to the aesthetic value of your interiors. As such, the metal frames are a good choice since they serve the practical and decorative purposes. Whether you want a simple or a luxury bed frame, metal has the versatility you need to develop a product that meets your innate requirements.

Wood frames

While wood has the potential to produce the best bed frame, you have to take some precautions against water and termite damage. Termites can destroy your bed frame, especially if you have not undertaken the anti-termite treatment in your home. Remember that these treatments come with a warranty of 10 years. Protect your wooden frames with a thin layer of varnish and remember to polish them occasionally to maintain the glossy appearance. The wooden bed frame allows plenty of options when it comes to creating some unique shapes that can spruce up the appearance of your bedroom.

Metal frame

The bed frame can last for a lifetime without breakage due to the resilience of this material. In fact, metals are destroyed by rust in the outdoors where they are exposed to the dampness and the harsh weather conditions. Fortunately, the metallic bed frame can last for a long time in the indoor environment since they are protected from such risks. Metal frames also provide a broad range of alternatives for decoration through ironmongery. Metals can also resist the fire damaged compared to wood. Even in the event of a fire, most metal frames are salvageable, unlike wood that would be destroyed. Metal frames are easy to assemble or disassemble, making them a great choice when you want to move from one place to another. Since the metal frames are light in weight, they come in handy whenever you want to relocate or rearrange your furniture compared to the bulky wood frames.


While choosing a bed frame, it is always vital to match the furniture with the décor. Wood is a favorite choice when it comes to matching the wallpaper finishes or the hardwood floors. Wood has a rare quality that you cannot replicate since nothing is comparable to the natural wood grains. When it comes to the interior design and styling, you can either match the furniture with the prevalent décor or choose to create contrast. If you have a small bedroom, the contrast will make a huge statement. Instead of complying with the décor, the metal frames will help you to create some beds that stand out. Such boldness will make a statement that will introduce a new dimension in your bedroom. Metal frames allow you to create the furniture that stands out since there are plenty of unique choices at your local furniture dealer. In addition to the style, the metal frames are relatively inexpensive. As such, metal is the ideal choice for the bed frames since it provides unmatched luxury at a low cost.

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