How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney

Many moms find it challenging to get a lawyer to help them file a divorce and manage the proceedings. However, it can be easier if you already know what you want. If you know what to look for in a lawyer, the hiring process will be seamless.

This article offers powerful insights to help you find the right lawyer. Take note of the key factors you should consider. Also, ensure you adhere to the right selection steps to find one soon.


Know What You Want

The legal field is vast. This means it can be challenging if you are still determining the type of attorney you want to hire. Ensure you already have in mind the type of divorce lawyer you are after.

For example, if you want to divorce your partner, child custody is key. You have to consider that. Pick an attorney who has handled child custody matters before. That way, it will make the process easy for both you and the lawyer. This is because the lawyer is a specialist or has prior experience in matters concerning child custody.

Conduct Interviews and Research

You will come across a variety of attorneys, and most of them will claim to be experts. However, some will need backup to show that they are indeed experienced lawyers. In that case, you should always request for referrals that can confirm that the

To conduct the interviews, you should follow these unique steps:

1.    Ask for Recommendations

Most likely, you have a relative or even a friend who has had a divorce. Or they may know a lawyer who can help you manage the divorce. Ask them to link you up with an experienced attorney, and you will be surprised how helpful they can be.

If you know a fellow mom who is an expert lawyer- even if they are professional in other legal realms- reach out to her. She can recommend some good divorce lawyers that can help you.

2.    Pick Three Lawyers to Compare

Your main aim is to hire the right divorce lawyer to help you undergo divorce peacefully. Therefore, select about three prospective candidates and strike a comparison. Some of the aspects to look for include:

  • Certifications
  • Reputation
  • Experience
  • Legal fees
  • Online reviews

Hire the candidate who ticks all the boxes. Selecting the best attorney makes the entire process manageable, and you will soon see results.

How do I know if the lawyer is any good?

To find out if the divorce lawyer is good, you can observe the following:

  • The lawyer has a good approach in the divorce proceedings.
  • The attorney has good communication skills during the process.
  • The lawyer ensures all your divorce needs are met.
  • The attorney is empathetic and offers honest feedback about the status of the proceedings.


Finding a lawyer will be simple if you know what you wish to achieve. Asking for recommendations from fellow moms, friends, and relatives will be easy. From the prospective lawyers, you can select three candidates to interview. Pick the divorce attorney that meets all your requirements.


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