How to get the best nights sleep

You are totally unique in every single way. Not only do you have a fingerprint and DNA like no other human being ever created, but there are so many things that make you so magically individual too. Sleep patterns and the way that you sleep are other specific factors, though there is one thing that resonates with all of us…what is recognised as “healthy” sleep? This, believe it or not, would be anywhere between seven and nine hours of sleep for the average adult. No, we are not saying that everyone gets this every night, and we definitely are not talking about quality or including the concept of raising children here either. We are simply talking about the ideals for supposed optimum cognitive function.

The way in which you sleep is very subjective to each individual and mattresses are key to this. The beds we sleep in are crucial to getting the best night’s sleep so that we can wake up feeling rested and refreshed, ready for the day ahead of us, whatever it may contain.

For many of us, it is but a dream to wake up with no aches, pains or stiffness, but what if you were told that waking up as fresh as an eighteen year old and bouncing out of bed, no matter what your actual age, could become a reality? The reason your body is currently so unhappy may be down to your mattresses support technique, age, springs, firmness and multiple other ways in which tired, old, over worn mattresses commonly let us down.

There is a reason why you should never keep mattresses for longer than eight years! Although there are of course other factors like your posture, medical conditions, physical afflictions, where beds cannot solely be to blame for the way in which we wake feeling stiff, sore and aching, there are other ways in which we can increase our chances of getting a good or better night’s sleep. No, before you ask, it does not involve counting sheep…but if that works for you then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot continue!

There are many different ways in which you can increase the time it takes you to get to sleep and the depth of sleep you have will have a significant impact on your body the following day. Combine this with correct mattresses, and you will be sure to notice big differences, not only with how you physically feel but with how you mentally cope during the day. You will have so much more energy, get more done and will not feel anywhere near the levels of stress that you have previously noticed. Though mattresses, available for you to look in to more thoroughly at, play the most important role here, your style of bed can help you to increase your sleeping duration and depth too, so it is worth choosing wisely or changing.

However, other top tips for helping you to sleep well can include taking notice of your bedroom furniture, for example. By this, you should always ensure that your bedroom is a calm and relaxing place, reserved only for romance, relaxation or sleep itself. The placement, rearrangement or removal of bedroom furniture can bring an unexpected calm over a bedroom and can mentally help you to relax and unwind before you fall asleep. Removing any items of technology that often stimulate the eyes and mind, therefore preventing sleep from occurring and stopping the brain from slowing down for sleep to occur, should also be removed. The most common problem causes here are smartphones, tablets and televisions.

Combining the ideal beds and mattresses for you and your partner will see you both happier, healthier and more productive every single day of the week. If you never thought you would see the day when you would leap out of bed again without every inch, muscle and bone creaking, cracking and crunching, think again, because all of your dreams have come at once! It may literally be as simple as new mattresses, swapping beds or changing your bedroom furniture around to create a better sense of calm. But until you have suffered and then made the change, you will not know the impact new mattresses can have on your currently unhappy body, so make the change today – you won’t regret it!


Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash


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