How to Help Your Child When They Are Struggling Academically

Every parent wants the best for their child and this means having the education they want and need to succeed in any future career. Many children struggle academically and each and every child has their own skill set. This means they may excel in some classes whilst falling behind in others. It is best to catch this before it gets worse, so if your child is struggling academically, here is what you need to do.

Complete a General Skills Test

It may be that your child is struggling in understanding a range of concepts, and this can have an effect on their learning at school. To be able to accurately pinpoint where your child may be going wrong, it is important to carry out an assessment that looks at all of a student’s essential skills. Usually, if your child is struggling with a basic skill such as math or reading and writing, it will become evident from an early age, such as in elementary school.  You can work with your child’s school to carry out a general skills examination to test any theories you may have regarding their academic struggle. It may be that your child is suffering from a condition such as dyslexia, in which case they will need additional support at home and school.

Hire a Tutor

If your child is struggling, although you may be able to help somewhat, it is best to find a professional in the subject who will have the most knowledge and experience in order to help your child better their grade. When looking for a tutor, you need to look for one who is both affordable and has a teaching certificate. Teacherfindr offers private tutoring for parents and their children, finding your perfect tutor at an affordable rate. A tutor can work with your child with any subject they are struggling with and help them find a way to study that works for them.

Set Clear Boundaries

If your child is struggling academically, it could be because of their poor choices. If they often leave their homework to the last minute, choosing to go out with friends or play video games instead, this could be a reason their work is failing to meet expectations at school. Every student works differently and for some parents, making their child sit down and work is difficult. This is why it is vital to set clear boundaries, along with teaching your child how to study. It may be that all devices in the house are taken away until homework is done and bedtime routines are an important boundary to consider too. Children need more sleep than adults and sleep needs to be substantial, so they are able to retain and learn new information, something that they will be doing each day at school.

It is difficult as a parent to watch your child struggle academically and, therefore, you should get help as soon as possible. If clearer boundaries do not sort the problem, try assessing their general skills and speak to the school to see if they have any concerns. Many parents find a tutor invaluable when their child is struggling with school.

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