How to Pimp Out Your Dirt Bike with Genuine Parts?

A dirt bike goes on the extreme terrains, places that a regular road bike user would not dare venture. That is why it is called a dirt bike, because it is supposed to be used on muddy, snowy and rocky terrains. These unique abilities of the bike make you wonder whether it is possible to pimp out a dirt bike.

If you are good with your hands, you can do all the pimping yourself. You will just need to buy a few tools for the job. However, if you are unsure of how to go about it, just take the bike to a technician. He/she will even advice you on the best parts – OEM or aftermarket. When the garage is finished with your dirt bike, it will look brand new.

Here are just a few things that you need to make it stand out:

Install new fenders

Fenders give a bike character. OEM fenders come in the original color of the bike. They are not only outstandingly beautiful but they also protect you. They help keep you clean. As you ride the muddy trails, the tires can whip up a lot of mud throwing it in all directions, including up. However, with fenders fitted, just a little of the mud is going to get to you.

New front and rear caliper

Dirt bikes cost money to maintain. Thus, when you pimp yours out, you do not want it to just look good. You want the OEM motorcycle parts that you use to be very functional too. Braking power is everything in a dirt bike. Caliper brakes are attached to the frame of the bike for extra strength. Their stopping power is very good, especially when coupled with the best off-road tires.

Get a chain guide kit

This is another of the most important fittings that you can have on your bike. The OEM chain guide will come with the plastic slider already set, aluminum guard and sometimes, even bolts will be included. One thing that you will love about an OEM chain guide is that it is quieter than an aftermarket one.

Durable handlebars

Handlebars give you control over your dirt bike. Apart from looking good, they should also feel good in your hands. The pads should not be worn out as that may reduce your grip on the bike.

Rear and front wheels

When you order a new front or rear wheel, it is sent fully assembled with the hub and everything, ready for installation. That is the good thing with all the OEM parts. They are shipped ready, no modification required, just installation and the bike is good to go.

Change your bike’s appearance with graphics

You can order a digitally printed graphics kit so that you embellish the frame of the bike with colors. These prints are made with durable ink that can stick for even more than 5 years. Graphics make a bike stand out. Order a kit that is specifically for dirt bikes or ATV, made to fit the plastic parts. You can be creative and try many more Motorcyle Mods to have the stunning look you want for your dirt bike.


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