How to Refresh Your Kitchen This Spring

We often spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s only fair to give this high traffic room the tender loving care it deserves. The kitchen generally needs to be clean and should always be spotless simply because none of us want to eat or cook on a dirty surface. Come springtime, your kitchen may need a serious deep clean, redesign and refresher to start the season off on a good note. They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing – and your kitchen shouldn’t be left out! Here’s how to refresh your kitchen this spring.

Add Fresh Flowers

Adding fresh flowers in any kitchen arrangement gives off a certain kind of glow that cannot be copied in any way. There’s nothing quite like sharing nature’s gift of beauty inside the walls of the home. Depending on the flowers you choose – and if you keep them healthy and strong – they’ll give off not only a magical appearance but serve as an all-natural air-freshener. Flowers have a universal language of happiness and are a perfect fit for every kitchen throughout spring.

Replace Cleaning Products

Cleaning products should be replaced to start off on a clean slate. Even though your cleaning materials should absolutely be replaced incrementally throughout the year, the spring is a must. Eliminating the old and starting anew is what the season is all about. Getting rid of soap sponges, gloves and any other tool for the sink is a great place to start. Purchasing air fresheners and soaps with distinct spring smells are the perfect accessory towards your spring kitchen goals as well. Regardless, you’ll be doing yourself a favor at the end of the day – there’s no need to clean your dishes with an old grimy sponge.

Make a Decoration Change

Kitchen decoration plays one of the most influential hands in achieving that perfect spring feel. If you still have holiday décor from the previous season, it’s seriously time to take it down. Your decorating efforts should focus on pleasant spring colors with an occasional eye-catching pop and anything that will liven up the space. For example, try displaying a fruit bowl. The bright colors are front and center in your line-of-sight and definitely add to that highly anticipated spring feel. Another way to make a noticeable difference is to play around with your window arrangements. There are a wide variety of shades, blinds and shutter options to choose from. Many professional design locations can custom-build your window covers to fit virtually any size or dimension. Find some shades or blinds that let in just the right amount natural light to let in the warm spring sun that we’ve all been waiting for!

Re-stain Rustic Wood Furniture

No two kitchens are the same. Everyone’s kitchen contains elements that make the room a unique interpretation of the homeowner’s preferences. If you’re an individual who gravitates towards authentic wood furniture and incorporates the style into the kitchen, there may come a time when these furnishings need a little enhancement of their natural beauty. There are many indoor stain finishes that will provide the wood a new protective cover with enhanced color. This re-staining strategy gives off the effect as it the furniture were brand new while complimenting your kitchen with a refreshing new vibe.

Select A New Interior Paint

Choosing interior kitchen paint is one of the best ways to refresh the room for the spring. Whether it is just a fresh coat or a brand new color, the paint will make all of the difference. Redesigning the walls or cabinets delivers a whole new kitchen experience. Just one simple change of color can add an interesting effect on the overall vibe of the room and the people in it. Start the spring off with a visit to a helpful paint store near you that will provide you the highest quality paint with the easiest application and overall performance. For the widest range of color options and expertise, check out Gleco Paint Store location for compassionate assistance and reliable painting equipment for your kitchen-refresher. You can contact Gleco Paint by calling 570-839-3500 with any questions about your project.



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