How You Can Be the Best Mom and Raise Successful Children

There is no perfect mom or dad. However, you should always try to make the best effort to be a good role model for your children. There are certain things that can guide us on how well we are performing this difficult role. These tips that you will read below will allow you to self-evaluate your role, and to reorganize strategies to improve the upbringing of your children and gain more affection and respect:

  1. Love: Power of love is eternal. Be it personal life or professional, it works at every walk of life. Being a mother, you can help your kid in being successful by delivering love in unlimited quantities. Through the expressions of affection, a positive connection is generated between the emotional and the cognitive, between what the child sees and feels.
  1. Communication: It is the fundamental principle for a good relationship at work and at home. Knowing how to listen will make good emotional and effective connection possible, and along with fostering a successful parent-child relationship, he will understand the possible ways of winning people’s heart and building a professional network.
  1. The values: One of the most important is respect. In today’s world, the simple idea followed by people is- give respect and take respect.

By respecting the children and instilling values, their response to society and what they expect to receive from society will be based on respect. And this will also be fundamental in the type of relationship that you maintain throughout your life with your parents.

  1. Enhance the good and correct the inappropriate: Recognizing and exalting the merits of your children, along with praise and positive verbal reinforcement, significantly influences their emotional balance. But since they do not always do well, you also have to be firm but respectful in correcting those things that they may be doing wrong. Do not focus on highlighting the bad, but on making them understand how they can do better. This quality will help them to deal effectively with various situations in life.
  1. The fun: Be fun parents. Break the routine. Invent games, sing, perform simple outdoor activities, dance with them, prepare simple cooking recipes, among other activities that allow them to see that their parents can be “cool”and they do not long to experience these things with strangers. How it helps in making them successful individuals?

Work+ fun turns out to be magic.

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  1. Avoid physical punishment by all means:There are many good ways to educate. With physical punishment, you cannot learn. It only fosters resentment and fear that it will happen again. These situations could trigger violent situations in other places, such as at school.
  1. Self-esteem: The best weapon that your child will have to face the world is self-esteem. It is fundamental that the child learns to respect, accept and love themselves and parents play a fundamental role in the development of this quality. Avoid saying to your children things such as “you are not good enough”, “everything you do is wrong”, “you never behave yourself”, among many others, that will create a wound on their consciousness which will be expressed later in their adulthood.
  1. Offer personal protection: It is a simple way to give love and that the children can perceive. Never ignore or belittle their fears. Listen to them and teach them to face them.
  1. Do not overprotect: Overprotection has its advantages, but only for parents. Regardless of the parents’ own fears, it is necessary to give the opportunity -according to age, of course- so that the children can live their own experiences, without fear of falling and making mistakes. And if this happens to them, because in life there is everything, it is time to teach them to get up, because mistakes also are an opportunity to learn.
  1. Self-control: As parents, it is a necessity to work in self-control. It can happen sometimes that we are not right because being parents does not make us perfect. Learning the art of maintaining control over mind and responding well to the situation is a great value that you can teach your kids by instilling it in yourself.


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