Ideas on how to design your own dog apparel

The one way of showing love to your dog is by personally crafting the apparel they use. A pet dog is an essential member of any family and it is always imperative to make them feel appreciated. You can always look for design ideas in the online stores for dog apparel such as Fluffy’s Pet Shop, but before you consider any type of clothing some factors are fundamental and need to be ensured. Such are aspects like:

  • Safety – You should ensure that the clothes are safe for your pet and that they rarely inhibit on body functions. Clothes that can suffocate or choke the pets are undesirable and you have to ensure that your designs allow for maximum comfort of the dog.
  • Durability – As you choose dog clothes it is always important to get that which guarantees maximum strength and durability. You should prioritize the stay period especially depending on the material that the cloth is made of. This is especially important with dogs having the potential to rip apart clothes that may be too loose.
  • Functionality – There is a huge need to acknowledge the fact that various structures have functions that need to be left undisturbed. Such can include the ears and eyes for dogs used in guarding and surveillance as they need to have heightened senses. Also, you should take note of the clothes that cause discomfort to the dogs on any part of their body and abstain from using them.
  • Affordability – There is always a huge need to look out for affordable clothing options. Dogs are special but this should not mean that one has to make pricy investments on their clothing. You should look for options that fit within your budget.

Know the proper measurements

The length of the dog is considered from its neck base down to the base of its tail. Then you have to take the girth measurement which can be considered to be your dog’s circumference and normally measured at the area immediately behind its front legs. The last measurement to take is the total neck circumference.

Decide on the fabric to use

The clothing material can be determined by numerous aspects and chief among them is the need for the clothes. Warm coats are better when made from PVC for instance since it can lock in warmth. Also take into account certain aspects like the manner of washing either by hand or machine.

The material that you choose can also determine the challenges to be faced in making or maintaining and repairing damages on the clothes. Some are easily knit with and hand sewing is easy for such.

Be wary of design needs

Getting the perfect garment can vary with the purpose intended for the apparel. Various reasons mean that clothes made will vary and such applications have to be considered. You can consider the following questions as basic and great leads:

  • Where do you live? This entails the temperatures in the area and how they vary. You always have to consider the level of comfort boost the garment you purchase for your pet offers.
  • Why do you need the dog apparel? This implies the reason for having the garment. Is it on a causal basis where you buy your dog a new coat, dress, shirt and others? Do you have to dress the dog for a special occasion?

Identifying a cloth seller

You have to search for a selectable shop. It is important to get one that allows customers to personalize their own designs. This will allow you to suggest the manner in which you need the cloth made in line with your needs.


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